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  1. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  2. PXR5


    Welcome to SGL Chris! Thanks for joining us
  3. PXR5


    Welcome to SGL Roy! Thanks for joining us
  4. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us. Great phone photo!
  5. I have. Meade brand phone holder, and Android phone (Motorola) Been cloudy and looks like rain or snow over the weekend
  6. Very nice Dave! I am anticipating taking my first shot of the Moon tonight. I doubt mine will look that good.
  7. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  8. PXR5

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to SGL that's a nice big scope!
  9. Nice captures, I am looking forward to an active Sun this year!
  10. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  11. The 8SE is a decent set up for visual use. I have had mine for over 6 years, no issues. It's certainly not for AP (astrophotography).
  12. Welcome to SGL Denver! I love my 127 mak! My favourite scope.
  13. PXR5

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to SGL Joacim, thanks for joining us
  14. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  15. Welcome to SGL Malcolm! Thanks for joining us, it's a great hobby!
  16. I use my binoculars a lot more than my scopes! In fact the only times I really use my scopes are for planetary and lunar. That said I don't see myself selling them, but I did sell off many several years ago.
  17. Welcome to SGL! Thanks for joining. Great scope!!
  18. Welcome to SGL thanks for joining us
  19. That's absolutely beautiful A job well done!!
  20. PXR5

    Mr Ridiculous

    A 150mm Dob is a sweet spot, Enjoy! Easy to move, and f8 so a bit more forgiving on collimation.
  21. Very nice captures I don't see any CA!
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