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Not Sure What Bins To Get Can Anyone Help?


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I have about 100 to 150 quid to spend on a set of bins for astronomy, I am a complete beginner in astronomy and would like to learn the night sky first with a set of bins which a relatively cheap before moving to a telescope in the future. I don't know what set to get as I wouldn't want anything heavy to tire my arms, I'm thinking of a 7x 50, 10 x 50 or an 8 x 42.

I was thinking the Nikon aculon range for my price but am not sure really. I would just like best value for my buck, I understand the bins will not be very powerful at this price range, but seeing a few bright objects and possibly a galaxy or two would be nice.

Any one got any suggestions. Thank You.

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Hi and welcome to SGL

I know nothing about binos, so don't take me seriously, but I consider these:


I suspect that they are excellent value for the money to get you stared in astronomy.

If you want better binoculars that you'll be using for other things as well - like birding, or nature observation when hiking, ... - then consider more expensive models that are durable, argon filled and so on - but for star gazing, I think above will be more then fine.

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15 hours ago, ScouseSpaceCadet said:


Highly recommended. Sit back on a reclining garden chair to keep them steady or go with Mr Vader's popular trigger grip (mine is under the Christmas tree woohoo 😁).

Yep, would be hard to beat these, and as recommended by our own SGL bino expert, Steve Tonkin..

"We are confident this is the best binocular for astronomy available <£100. 

Currently in stock  

“If there is a better 10x50 for under £125, I’ve not seen it.  Everything works as it should, the image in the sweet spot is extremely good, it has decent coatings, it is lightweight and comfortable to use, the strap is good quality and comfortable, unusually for a budget binocular it is not significantly stopped down, and it will suit a wide range of faces."   Steve Tonkin's review for the BinocularSky website


Opticron Adventurer 10x50 T WP


Dave 😉

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If your budget can stretch a bit more i would recomend these 2 sets 

Nikon Action 12x50


Opticron I Magic 10x50


Both are nitrogen purged and give good clear images but i do prefer my Nikons as my grab go set

The Opticrons are slightltly lighter

But both are great for the money

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Svbony ED line might be worth a look. 10x42 have great reviews. I have tried Svbony ED 10x50 and they were on par with Bushnell Legacy 10x50 in terms of aberrations across the field, but with better stray light control, better eyecups and better mechanically overall. Being roof design also makes them significantly lighter and smaller.

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