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  1. pregulla

    Aero ED's impress

    It really puzzles me why would Aero ED 35mm vignette in your 127mm Mak while 40mm Meade SWA doesn't. I can't think of anything in eyepiece itself that could cause vignetting in slower scope, but not in faster one with more diverging light cones. And if it was somehow due eyepiece having problem with the slower cone of the Mak, then I would expect it to be even worse in the dob with telecentric barlow. I am no expert though.
  2. pregulla

    Olympus 10x50 dpsi praise

    I had the Olympus Trooper 10x50 for a while, but replaced them with Bushnell Legacy 10x50. I think I payed 40% more for the Bushnells (20% of it because they were over the $75 tax limit while Olympus were below), but for that extra money I got BaK4 prisms vs BK7, multi-coated lenses, water resistance and longer eye relief (I don't wear glasses but it does help to prevent binoculars from from fogging on cold nights). I sold Olympus before buying Bushnells so I didn't do direct comparison. From what I remember both are equally comfortable to use, in terms of aberrations they seem roughly the same - both sharp over about 50% of the FoV diameter with stars turning into faint fuzzies at the very edge (par for the course for the price, Nikon Action EX 7x35 are about the same in that aspect as well). Bushnells do have better light transmittion, but not by much. I can only tell because I compared both side by side to Nikon Action EX 7x35. Olympus were very close in what I could detect to Nikons, with Bushnells the difference is more noticeable, but not hugely so.
  3. Yeah, strangely there are some pretty good flashlights available at this price range, but for a headlamp, if you want good UI and proper mode spacing, you have to pay way more than £7. I have recently ordered Armytek Tiara A1 Pro. Still on it's way. Hopefully it does what I want it to do for $45 + shipping ;). I plan on cutting red acrylic filter to fit it. Seems the only way to get proper astro-headlamp.
  4. My problem with cheap headlamps is that they often have awkward UI. You either have to go through all the modes to turn it off (extra annoying when there are also SOS and strobe in the sequence) or it advances to next brightness mode each time you turn it off and on again. If you are lucky it just always comes on high mode.
  5. pregulla

    Aero ED's impress

    Thanks for the review. I was keeping my eyes on the 35mm for a while. It is still available, and is smaller and lighter than 40mm with only slightly smaller TFoV. I have ES82 30mm, but wanted something more compact. I am not too picky about edge performance (at least not yet ) so well corrected over 75% of the field should be plenty good for me.
  6. pregulla

    First time telescope Advice

    I would probably go with the newtonian for planets - it has larger aperture and no chromatic aberration, but it needs collimation and time to cool to give best views. The best would be to try both in person though, to see how stable the mounts are and if chromatic aberration bothers you, and get a general impression which one you like best.
  7. pregulla

    Alternative to Baader Zoom?

    This looks like rebadged Hyperflex to me. I have read generally good reviews of Hyperflex but was unable to find direct comparison to Baader or Celestron.
  8. pregulla

    EP collection is complete... or is it?

    Nice collection you got there. For 30mm probably APM UFF or ES82 if you don't mind it's rather huge size.
  9. pregulla

    Zoom eyepieces

    It's just an observation. Not that I ever asked them to or implying anyone should.
  10. pregulla

    Zoom eyepieces

    I am not in UK ;). The limit in Israel is $75 so I didn't have to pay anything. Also Chinese sellers declare lower value most of the time.
  11. pregulla

    Zoom eyepieces

    On AliExpress 8-24mm Celestron Zoom starts at about $60 shipped. I got mine for $50 shipped on 11.11 sale - it looks legit to me. I don't think you'll get a fake, but in case there is a problem it won't be as easy to deal with it as with reputable seller. For me the price difference was significant enough to justify the risk.
  12. Parallizer should solve your problem (and will cost more than the Cheshire itself). I personally use this combo tool. I put it all the way in so shoulder rests on the 1.25" adapter and reduces the wobble. It's not perfect, but good enough at F/6.
  13. I use red acrylic filter to cut out red lenses for my flashlights
  14. pregulla


    If it is something like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CG8N1GF/ref=sspa_dk_detail_5?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07CG8N1GF&pd_rd_w=bqwqv&pf_rd_p=2bd81721-c115-4b8d-93a3-2ecd17466ded&pd_rd_wg=70Pz2&pf_rd_r=CR61A4MKK5XD2DZ9ZD18&pd_rd_r=a88d9d11-29f5-11e9-bd20-0914fd4f7591 I doubt it will be very useful for astronomy. The magnification is probably too high for handheld use and objective is too small to get bright views. It's hard to tell though as the specs are all over the place.
  15. Not the prettiest here, but gets the job done for me in the field

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