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  1. dont get the zoom bins they just arnt as good as fixed mag bins
  2. The Nikon Action EX 10x50 bins are really good theres a review on the Binocular Sky website http://binocularsky.com/
  3. Also this its mainly for bins and small telescopes http://binocularsky.com/
  4. The Nikon Action EX bins are really good i think youl notice a big difarence in them
  5. asking FLO might point you in right direction or as Steve says get in touch with Opticron
  6. Ahh so im not only 1 does that lol Ande enjoy your bins mate
  7. i dont think you would have been disappointed if you had mate just enjoy the bins you get
  8. Funnily enough i had the choice to buy 10x50 or 12x50 Nikon action ex bins and i got the 12x50 Later on i got the 10x50 Opticron I Magic 10x50 but my grab n go bins whether handheld or on tripod/monopod are my 12x50's they are heavier than the 10x50 but i just feel they are better all round bins
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