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  1. Stormbringer

    New binoculars

    reading your post it seems you have been trying both sets out and the ipd in the 56's doesnt appear to be a problem to you? personally i would go for the bins with the brighter image if the ipd is ok for you also if you mount the bins on a tripod or mono pod you wont notice the extra weight only time the extra weight will be noticed is when hand holding them
  2. Stormbringer

    Who Makes The Best Binoculars?

  3. Stormbringer

    Meade heavy duty tripod... price reduced

    thx for that i am going to give this serious thought
  4. Stormbringer

    Meade heavy duty tripod... price reduced

    what payload can it take ?
  5. Stormbringer

    COMPLETED - Skywatcher Stainless steel tripod (NOW SOLD )

    what load can it take ?
  6. Stormbringer

    20 x 100 Revelation Binoculars help.

    I take it the lenses are clean ? you could shine a torch into the objective lenses and see if theres a film or fungus growing on the glass surfaces inside that could dim or distort the image ( dont know whether these are water proof and nitrogen purged ) If they look nice and clear inside i would wait till conclusion of eye tests before going further also could be your remebering the optics and image better than they were
  7. Stormbringer

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, September 2018

    Cheers and thx again mate
  8. Stormbringer

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Nice bins
  9. Stormbringer

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Think its time to show my Bins here Opticron Adventurer 8x42 Opticron I Magic 10x50 Nikon Action EX 12x50 Opticron Oregon 11x70 Helios Apollo 22x85
  10. Stormbringer

    White Crescent in Helios Apollo 15 x 70?

    no probs mate happy to help
  11. Stormbringer

    White Crescent in Helios Apollo 15 x 70?

    I posted asking about filters for Helios Apollo bins a wee while back and got some good advice Here
  12. Stormbringer

    White Crescent in Helios Apollo 15 x 70?

    glad everything is ok with your bins and that you got to the bottom of what caused the milky crescents
  13. Stormbringer

    White Crescent in Helios Apollo 15 x 70?

    wouldnt that then mean it would be in same part of view ie its at bottom of view using bins but he turned them on their side and its still at bottom as he is looking through them ?
  14. Stormbringer

    White Crescent in Helios Apollo 15 x 70?

    How old are they ? Just wondering if your looking straight through the binoculars and not looking at an angle through them (ie looking through them top to bottom or vice versa ) and seeing part of a reflection in the binocular ?
  15. Got myself a pair of these bins Really nice and feel great in the hand . Not had a chance to use them astronomically in earnest yet but the quick peek at a solitary star showing through the clouds was good (saw a few other stars in field of view not visible to naked eye ) . Terestially they seem pretty good as well with nice clear image with good contrast across almost full field of view

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