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  1. It might be a case of coming up with somethings to do with what you have. So drawing the moon the phases full, half, quater over a few weeks etc. Big craters. Jupiters moons move fast draw a circle and add the moons every fifteen minutes! Work out what each moons name is. You get the idea. Its really involving seeing the things change. Find a few more projects like this and see where it goes.
  2. Dont worry about light polution. Doubles and clusters etc are great. The trick is to pick your targets. There are some great lists for observing. Tske a look at the Astronomy League observing sections. The trick with colour is to find two stars with contrasting colours this helps tremendously. The leage have a really nice binocular double list. You can just get the list and work through them without submitting anything. During the summer these are great fun when daylight is a bigger problem than skyglow. Its also fun to watch the sky darken whilst observing and the brightness come up along with the colours. This always make me happy. Skyglow I dont think so I am out the back as soon as I can see couple of stars long before its dark. And I have lived in London all my life.
  3. My most memorable nights are the ones that make me feel something, amazement, wonder, .... or just simply humble. Ocassionally there is a tear or two. .... we share a common awe and wonder for our extended enviroment. Thanks for sharing !
  4. The 2 inch eyepiece and diagonal actually make up a lot of the weight. With a 1.25 diagonal and a delite the difference is significant. The tube rides much higher. Loosing the finder as great as it is etc... The biggest problem is the ball head does not allow you to screw the retaining bolt into the head. You have to screw the head onto the retain bolt thread. So what you wonder. You are dependant on the locking of the AZM axis clutch on the head to provide enough friction to mount the head securely. This doesnt have to be much but its a bit concerning trying to get the head off as I noticed the AZM axis slip whilst turning the head and I assume the gears taking up the load. I am not going to do this often but it does warrant attention when mounting the head. Just enough to stop any slipping when using the mount clutches unlocked but not so much as to not be able to get the head off when they are locked but dont provide enough friction to loosen the head from the mount. I dont like over tightening things anyway always two finger tight with synta metals. The thing as a whole is light as a feather. In fact I laughed when I picked it up the first time.
  5. Did I get all the badges in. I think I got all the badges in..
  6. The wifi modules do offer other benifits. You can connect them to your home wifi and access them using PC based or tablet software from indoors. So if a bit of photography is planned etc. There is great potential here. Personnally I find touch screens a bit un responsive. Button are tactile you can find the move buttons without looking at the screen. Which makes centering an object simple thing. I probably want both!
  7. Nothing wrong with astropoo! Having to keep things clean from time to time means thay are cared for. Better to use it, clean it and wear it out than let it rot from lack of use.
  8. Welcome. I got my love of the night sky from dark skies in Galway as a boy. The sky looked as if you could fall into it.
  9. So I bought both. Without the skywatcher tripod and extension. I did got back and take another look at the reviews etc. But nothing ruled either of them out
  10. Lol. You can put a light on them! So much of the equipment is. If I had known what I know now twenty years ago I would not have bought half the things I did. My eldest son keeps pinching my camera tripod so if it goes missing....
  11. At home I use a draughtsmans chair (I am a draughtsman). Like an office chair but with three foot of height adjustment. Resolves any height problem with a squeeze of the seat lever. Super comfy with back support. Cheap as chips not as tasty.
  12. Thats a good option. Twice the weight, lower capcity, cheaper. I had a tuff time with vibrations on a 055 years ago and the centre column seemed tobe to culprit. That one is braced. What is the vibration damping like? The FC100 is difficult to get perfect focus with a mount that vibrates. It really needs a fine focuser. Thats not on the cards for me just yet.
  13. Alvin. You make a good point. The planets dont get high enough for that to happen very often. I am intending to pick up the AZ GTI as a package with the centre column. If it doesn't work for me it still a nice package to keep or pass on.
  14. So my old hand made wooden tripod and EQ5 have really reached the end of their usefull high power tracking life. Its all a bit old, loose and over weight, like me. I desperately need something portable, lighter and tracks for a FC100DF. I settled on this as a fair upgrade. I am partial to high power views of the moon and planets but want the whole setup to be portable given the way the planets are at the moment. I am planning to take the whole setup with me this summer on holiday and just get out and about with it when the opportunity arises. Suburban skies, visual only. This combination came about from researching the forums here and the net. The tripod should last and be enough to offer some alternatives with the head. I have seen the gitzos but suspect the manfrotto might be 80% the tripod for 55% the cost. Should fit in a suitcase. I am checking that with a tape measure tonite. Manfrotto 535 Carbon Fibre & AZ GTi. This combination ticks the right boxes but as ever real world experience is priceless. I would appriciate your comments. Kevin
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