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SGL 2021 Challenge 7 - The Terminator

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The theme for the this challenge is The Terminator

Start Date: 1st October 2021
End Date: 31st December 2021

Rules: The theme this time is 'The Terminator' - we want to see lots of glorious images, videos, sketches and animations from in and around the Moon's terminator.   We are talking about the moon here, not Arnie!

Prize: A personalised mug for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places featuring your image kindly provided by our sponsors FLO :) and a virtual trophy for your signature.



All data must be captured and processed by you (no collaborative entries). 
Data must be captured during the challenge start & end dates. 
Multiple entries are allowed but please start a new topic for each entry. 
Multiple submissions of the same image, processed differently, will not be accepted.


To enter please post within this topic, do not start a new topic. Please post as much information as possible - when it was taken, how it was captured and processed, etc. The info won't necessarily be used for judging but will help fellow SGLers looking to learn and improve their knowledge and technique.

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Just did a careful process from the 28th September. ZWO178m Camera. Orion 245mm F6.3 Newtonian. IR685 Filter. Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow.  Downsizing produces a very fine photographic quality that i like.

Dark and moody terminator

Same with prime focus mosaic downsizing to 50% Produces a very fine photographic quality

sgl 75.png 50.png s.png con.png d (2).png smooth.png grey.png

28th sept done.teminator 50%.png

Edited by neil phillips
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Great idea!
Certainly the terminator is always the place of greatest interest because the long shadows there make it much easier to see fine details.
However, at the same time, it is not an easy region to photograph, demanding from the photographer a great deal of control at the time of capture due to the high contrast that this region always has. The tendency is always to burst in some places like the crater walls facing the Sun.
It will be interesting to follow, I hope I can leave my modest contributions.
Hugs to everyone!


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