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  1. Is it still behaving oddly this morning? Another thing I did was get a sky app on a spare mobile then fettle a way of bolting it to the mount so I could see very roughly what the mount was pointing at. this allowed me to do alignment and slew-to tests during the day.
  2. if you have Photoshop you can use this attached PSD image I have been playing with this afternoon to try and improve my workflow. I have made one group of layers called "Processing" that has the stretching and levelling in, then another group of layers that are images from DSS with varying sets of calibration frames applied to the same base set of lights ( except the last one.. ) You can then turn off each base image layer to reveal the layer below it, which has increasingly more calibration frames, and the last one has also jumped from 17 to 111 light frames. I was quit
  3. Go and get the android app "SYNSCANINIT" I had pretty much the same thing going on and it was down to the mount date / time format being MM / DD / YYYY . I had been setting DD/MM/YYYY Synscan init will tell you exactly what to put in the settings Ed.
  4. aarg its clearly worse now I see them side by side!
  5. is this better, or worse? same set of subs with another couple of hours on top
  6. If you are stacking you need to start building up a library of calibration images, which are flats, darks, flat darks and bias frames I think .. I am not entirely sure of the precise difference between a flat dark and a bias frame yet, I am quite early in my astrophotography adventure myself!
  7. This was mine based on the dates in my file collection, sometime around 7th July 2018. I'm not entirely sure what it's meant to be. possibly just "the sky" I think at this time I had an iOptron star tracker. Next I think I managed to capture Andromeda, this was certainly with the tracker and a Nikon D800e with a 70-200 lens and was when I decided to invest in a scope and a mount. I think I had just about got the idea of stacking but not calibration frames. myfile2.tif
  8. Here's mine, 2 hrs 27 minutes, 270 subs @ ISO 800, 60s stacked in DSS, processed in photoshop where, to be honest I really need to up my game. I think the data I am collecting is getting better, but my post skills are very limited.
  9. Tomorrow I will try to make some sense of this then! right now I can't be in and out of the house to re-fit and remove the mask and tweak the focus. At least the temperature here in the southeast seems to be set to "bloody cold" I started at 2c and its now 1c so, we will see. Its only the second time I have used a mask for focus so, plenty to learn. Ed.
  10. Beautiful. If I can get anything like close to this quality I will be well pleased, its what I am working on tonight to add to subs from the last couple of days.
  11. Great thanks. I was going to measure it in Photoshop and count pixels but on a basic mark 1 eyeball that looks pretty close. I'll take a look at that software too. I have dialled in another hundred subs, currently picking up some light pollution that I am pretty sure is my neighbours getting ready for bed, it happened last night between about 9:30 and about 10:30 Ed.
  12. This is the masked view of Alkaid for tonight's session. From what I can find online this looks to be pretty good focus
  13. I recently had a bit of a windfall so, I'm debating what best to upgrade. I think the camera is looking like the best place to invest. I am looking at the ZWO ASI1600MM pro Mono with filter sets but, maybe one-shot colour is the way to go. Folks say that they are not far behind the mono's in terms of performance, galaxies and nebulae are what I want to be looking at. /edit/ went to check out Startools and it looks sexy! going to have a play.
  14. It does look like I have a good clear window tonight so I will be able to add another couple of hours of integration. I am using an Altair Starwave 102 F7 ED with a field flattener. Focus was a bit of an issue, using FWHM in Backyard Nikon I considered "in focus" to be at step 20514 whereas when I brought out the bahtinov mask 20119 was much closer. As it happens I didn't refocus yesterday but I will this evening.
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