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Hello from Bolsover


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Been lurking here for a while and it seems a nice place to be so if you guys will have me, I'd like

to stay for a while. :)

Name's Philip, 59 in a few weeks time, an ex television service engineer forced out of work and into poverty

by a long running back problem. :lol:

Been interested in astronomy for three years now, the first year using scopes made from cheap optics from

Surplus Shed and during the last couple of years I have collected some "proper scopes" including a

Skywatcher 130mm F5 reflector on a CG-5 mount. An Antares 70mm mac for grab and go and finally my latest,

a Revelation 8" DOB which I got a few days ago.

Light pollution is a problem here but it doesn't stop me enjoying the sky from my backyard. 8)

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Hello Phillip,

Welcome to the forum!

Some nice kit you have there and that Dob sure looks the part :lol:

Hope you enjoy it here and look forward to your post's.

James :)

PS:Like you LP is a problem but dont let it win 8)

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Hi Phil welcome to the stargazers lounge just had 3 very wet days :clouds2:not far from where you are at Rivendale abot 10 miles out from Buxton at the Peak Star Party 2 reminded me more of pot holeing that star watching would not have missed it for the world learnt so much there

look forwards to your posts

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