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Martin from Sydney


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Hello all. I believe this is the place we all start. I live in Sydney Australia and have been an amateur Astronomer for nearly 15 years now.

I have a C8 SCT mounted on a Stepper and Gear Head driven Vixen GP mount. I have a Gstar-Ex 128x intergrating Video Camera, a Philips ToUcam 840k and a Nikon FE2 SLR.

I'm not crazy about my images nor do I suffer from delusions of grandeur. If it's in focus and I have some nice detail, i'm happy.

:director:Perhaps someday when the kids have left:hello2:, I may take astro imaging a little more seriously and pay for the quality imaging toys.

Anyhoo. I have created an album and placed most of my images there.

I have seen a few other albums and may I say, :director:AWSOME STUFF GUYS. The images a fantastic. Hurry up kids, Get out!!! lol

Clear skies


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Welcome to SGL Martin. You're the second person to join from Australia in the last few days. This is a friendly place with loads of helpful people and we certainly look forward to seeing your images!

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Welcome to the SGL Forum Martin.

I too envy you your Southern Skies, but we have some fine objects in the North too.

I have seen the Images you posted, and I feel you are a little modest in saying you are not happy with them. I would be delighted to own any one of them. They are all splendid stuff mate.

I am looking forward to the time you say you will take it seriously, they will be something to behold.:(

We are glad to have you on SGL.

Best Wishes.


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