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Hey Newbie here

Disturbed Dee

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:sign2: :wave: everyone

My names Dee, short for Danyella (may not seem logical but as I have a tendancy to sign off emails and such with a capital Dee its a nick name that has sort of stuck) I was told about this place by Pete of Swindon Stargazers Club so have come along to have a looksee around :mrgreen: .

I have been interested in astronomy now for about 5 years and I'm a registered user on Galaxy Zoo 1 & 2. My telescopes a bit on the small side and good for looking at the moon but thats about it.

K I'm going to go browse around :D

Oh one more thing, is it possible to add pictures as part of your sig or not? :hello2: thankies

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Nice to have you aboard SGL Dee.

If you are interesed in astronomy then you came to the right place. Anything you need to know, just ask.

Don't worry about the scope size, it will be better than nothing I'm sure.

Lots of people don't own a scope at all, perhaps a pair of binoculars, which are a good way to get started.

Have a look around here, there's a lot to see.

Ron. :hello2:

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Thanks Ron, I have two pairs of binoculars and they are good as its easrier to use them then setting up the scope, my biggest issue at the mo is living with my mum and she has alot of trees in the garden so with the scope i get great close ups of leaves or branches lol

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Hello Dee

And a very warm welcome to our family which is SGL.

Hope you enjoy your time spent on here, they really are a great bunch very warm and friendly with a wealth of knowledge and experience and just love answering question and helping newcomers to the hobby so kick your shoes off , relax and enjoy and just remember the forums golden rule the only stupid question is the one you do not ask .

look forward to seeing you at the meeting on the 20th but if you wish to contact me before that feel free to either PM me on here or give me bell you have my number always here to help

wishing you dark skies and good seeing Pete

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