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  1. hey guys manged to get M31 a few nights ago beuatifull sight im about to go out for a while befor school starts monday
  2. Thanks mike ill try to find those if the clouds clear toninght.
  3. Hey guys havent been on for a while (clouds/school/air cadets) meaning not much time for obserbing. clouds cleared last night so i got a couple of hours in and manged to get the newt on M109 in ursa major as my first atemped at a Galaxy. not much throught the eye pice but with averted vision got the outline of the Galaxy stunning to say the least. i would have try Andromeda but a dam street light is right under it:mad: so im going to wait a while untill it is higher in the sky i will let you know when i get a chance to see it. p.s. all that time out there and not a single meteor
  4. lovley rob! nice to hear from you awsome pic i havent been on for a while ever air cadets and school keemping me busy for a while Rob
  5. I love the SW120! Easy to setup and takes my 350d with T ring no problem. The TAL will not allow me to focus wih the camera which is a real pain as that is what I bought it for! Still a nice scope though!
  6. Cheers, guys! These are my best shots yet and I am very pleased with them! Hope to get better as my experience grows.
  7. A few pics taken with my Skywatcher 120 and canon 350d prime focus
  8. Thanks again SpookyKatt. All soldered up and working fine! Love the mod you linked to and may well try it sometime> arad85 (I'd check with the RA drive soldering. The two motors/connectors are likely identical, so you should be able to do a quick check with that first. } I did that first and the wiring is different but thank you for the reply!
  9. Thanks, SpookyKat That is the one that looks most like mine. I was sure the far left was red till it broke and now you confirm it!! Thank you!! I will now get soldering and let you know if it works. However, should it fail, and destroy my motor drives, my solicitors Grabbit,Grabbitt And Suet will be in contact:)
  10. Andromeda


    Welcome, ATMA! I would rethink your choice of scope. Although adequate for a beginner, I feel you will soon get frustrated with it due to to your choice of study. Motor drive is a nice touch for a beginner from a sales point of view but NOT vital! Spend the cash on a decent mount and go for a refractor 3 1/2 to 4 3/4 depending on funds! They are fantastic and easy to set up. Motor drives can always be added later if needed. Check the for sale section on this site and you will see some nice kit. Reflectors, like refractors, the bigger the better! Although cheaper by size, they really are not s
  11. Andromeda


    Hello and welcome from another Valleys boyo!
  12. Hi Guys. Hope you can help! The DEC Motor power socket has snapped from the motor housing resulting in the 4 wires soldered to it coming adrift. Trouble is I do not know what order to resolder them! Please see photos attached and if anyone has similar RA/DEC drive please have a look and let me know the correct wiring from left to right with the socket under the board and facing you!!
  13. Lovely shots of that big ball of fire about to go out and look at now if the weather clears up
  14. Welcome to SGL, Joel. As said before this is THE best forum. You will learn loads from the lovely people on here! I am only up the road from you in Blaenavon! Enjoy the sky.
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