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  1. Thanks Ken... I have the T Ring now, so I'll see how it goes fitting the camera to the 'scopes and see if I need any more bits... Thanks again for your help... Andy.
  2. Hi All, I need a bit of advice regarding connecting a Canon 450d to my two 'scopes. The Skywatcher Startravel 102 frac says it has "direct SLR connection", so I'm assuming I'd only need a Canon T Ring for this one. Would I need anything in addition to the T Ring to connect the camera to my Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak? Hope this makes sense, hope someone can help (Going by past experiences on this forum - I KNOW someone will help ) Cheers All, Andy...
  3. Hi, I have the same scope (127 MAK on the GOTO mount) You will not be disappointed when you use it - these are brilliant lil' scopes. Congrats and Enjoy!! Andy...
  4. Hi ozark1, Nice review; you have really given a good account of your experience. Shame about the battery explosion not a good way to start. I have the Skywatcher 127 MAK (similar to yours) and agree they are fantastic 'scopes. Hope you get many more clear skies and loads of use from your new instrument. By the way, I notice it's your first post, so welcome to the forum Andy...
  5. Just looking through the comments on this thread, it looks like a couple of guys have stopped using the GOTO and just want to track... Therefore, maybe iamzoso60 could sort out some kind of swap (his tracker handset and some cash in exchange for someone's GOTO handset)?? Just a thought Clear skies, Andy...
  6. Good choice Baz, I'm sure you'll enjoy using it... Still waiting to use mine - the Swindon fog/smog is hampering all my efforts!! Keep us posted with how you get on with your new scope once it arrives... All the best, Andy M... P.S. "Shop full of scopes" indeed!!
  7. Hi Baz, welcome to the SGL I have recently bought the Startravel 102 because I read very good things about them virtually everywhere I looked, but I'm waiting for a break in the weather (and a night when SWMBO hasn't got me out and about somewhere) to use it for the first time As soon as I use it I'll drop you a note about how it performs... but in the meantime I'm sure there'll be others in the group that can say more... Clear skies, Andy M...
  8. Not wanting to hijack this thread, it's about the S@N December mag and the adverts in it... Is anyone else miffed at the way the FOUR PAGE Telescope House advert is right in the middle of the monthly sky chart??!!?? Because of the calendar, it's not even the middle pages so you can't just pull it out... I have taken the calendar out and re-jigged about 8 pages of the mag so the sky chart and most of the monthly sky pages are together. I thought I had cracked it, but now pages 61-64 are right in the middle of the beginners article about the Earth's orbit!! AARRRRRRR!!!!!! I don't mind (and qui
  9. Only 4 weeks in and producing images like that!! Fantastic first shot j.finn, you must be well chuffed with it... I look forward to seeing more All the best, Andy M...
  10. Thanks Neil Thanks Phil, the collimation was a breeze with the laser
  11. Thanks John There are a couple of scuffs in the paint, but the photo has been kind to the old Dob 'Tis a lovely scope though... Ah Mark, I forgot to get my binos out... good spot I do have a pair of 16x70 Adler Saturns and 10x50 Bressers from Lidl... One thing I still want to add (one day) is a binocular mirror mount - I know you have made very good use of yours... Hi Russ, I agree about the colour scheme - I was pleased as cheese when it arrived and it was the black and white one (not blue ) Thanks for your kind comments all Andy M...
  12. Now I finally have (I think) my desired collection of scopes, I thought I'd take some pics and show them off... First, my old 10" Dob - I've had this scope for around 10 years, had some great times and great views with it... Here it is sporting an Astro Engineering dark-cap and an accessory shelf I added... Next is my SkyWatcher 127 Mak on the SynScan Alt-Az GOTO Mount, used for Lunar, planetary and double star observing. I have added a right-angle finder, a WO dielectric diagonal, an Asrto-Zap dew shield and a JMI Motofocus... Finally, the new kid on the block - my Skywatcher 102 Frac on a
  13. I have seen the ISS with both the ESA's ATV and also the JAXA HTV trailing behind when they were launched - but never seen it with the shuttle following Guess I'm running out of opportunities to see it with the shuttle around... Glad you saw it Tony - it's a lovely sight either on it's own or with a 'hanger-on' Clear skies, Andy...
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