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How to guide with a telephoto camera lens?

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Hi all,

If I buy an HEQ5 mount and use my Sigma 150-600 lens on it, nearer the 400mm-600mm range, I'd obviously have to guide for longish subs, how would I go about attaching a guidescope to it? If someone could explain how it can be done I'd be very grateful indeed. Obviously with a refractor you can simply add a guidescope ontop of it but I don't know how it can be done with a telephoto camera lens.


Any advice much appreciated.

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Perhaps some kind of vixen saddle bar that has 2 attachments, one for the DSLR and one for the guide scope. This link is probably not what you need but gives you an idea.


However rather than waste money on one of those consider a small ED refractor that can be had for around £200.

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Thanks for the replies guys - regarding sub length I'd be very happy with 1-2 minutes for the time being, I don't mind stacking lots of subs to stretch out the data. If that's feasible with my Sigma at 600mm on an HEQ5 without guiding then that'd be great!

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