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  1. Seek and ye shall find... https://www.nipon-scope.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=47&products_id=275
  2. To be clear, there's no other option for Reflector users with a scope like yours to observe the sun other than using the solar film. The way you are going about it is your only option... Don't change anything. It will do as you predict to your scope and worse to your eyes... The wedge being described here is for refractors.
  3. The silence of an encoded push to counts for a lot... As does having a visual display of the sky on the connected phone or tablet. The number of objects we have stopped and observed after seeing it on the display while "pushing" from one object to another is considerable... We no longer use our AVX because of the above two reasons. All our scopes now sit on push to encoder equipped mounts, even when we're travelling...
  4. I have a 28mm Explore Scientific MaxVision 68 degree. Boxed and capped and in perfect condition. Only reason it deserves a new home is due to the purchase of a 30mm 82 degree...
  5. Stu, Heidi refers to “another”. Could you have witnessed the after effects of one of the earlier “others” ?
  6. Morning @Stu Having read your thread earlier this week I noticed this on my Twitter feed today. Could the two be related as Heidi does refer to “another” ? The link to the animation is below the photo and looks a similar place to your narrative although I think the date doesn’t tally ?
  7. Give Steve Collingwood a call or email http://sctelescopes.com/
  8. No. It cannot make a conventional telescope a "solar scope" on its own. Lunt Solar is the Manufacturer. It is a zoom Lunt brought out that they say is optimised for the focal lengths of their solar scopes. Although it doesn't have to be solely deployed on Lunt equipment. However, this is like a conventional eyepiece and would need to be used with a Solar Filter, be that white light or hydrogen alpha or the like...
  9. Mine’s durable. It’s been in a backpack to Namibia, Zambia and La Palma numerous times. Never had a problem with it despite being up in over head bins and on rough African Dirt Roads...
  10. The FC100 DC or DF is a Steinheil design doublet. When there is a reference to "rear" it refers to the Flourite Element which is now the second (or internal) element. The Flourite Element used to be on the front (outside) element I believe... It is not a Petzval design. There is no lens at the "focuser end of the tube"...
  11. Martin, I had one. Capable mount, but I really didn't get on with it. I sold it. And the guy that bought mine sold it too... And it wasn't because the mount in question was suspect... It wasn't smooth when moving it manually and when using it in automated mode it was nowhere near as pleasant to use as other mounts. It does a job. Reasonably well. But it's functional rather than a pleasure to use...
  12. My FC100 DF travels regularly with us as Cabin Baggage... So far it's been taken to La Palma 4 times, Namibia twice and Zambia from the UK. With no issues. I had tea recently with Es Reid and for interest took the scope with me just to see whether all those hours in an overhead bin, on light aircraft and in numerous overland vehicles had shifted anything... Es couldn't fault anything. So don't be fearful of travelling with the scope... This is my travel set up... The way the scope comes to bits is shown at the bottom of this thread
  13. Agreed. We go at least twice a year when it’s dark. Been very blessed with observing from the house as well as up high. Although I haven’t had anything bigger than a 5” out there yet... Even when the weather isn’t playing ball it’s a beautifully unspoiled island. And the Piripi from the Brewery can induce a sense of “euphoria” no matter the weather... ?
  14. There were a few inclement nights and chilly days, but in the main, we were quite lucky. Plenty of hiking and star gazing during the two weeks. Our house is on Camino Los Barreros. Villa Elena...
  15. If only I'd known... My wife and I were out again between 30th March and 13th April. We were on the West of the Island too, just a little to the south of Tijarafe, walking distance from the Micro Brewery. We had some great nights' viewing with the Tak... Hope you enjoyed your trip as much as we did ours...
  16. And, to add, Serge at Astro Devices makes easily filled encoder sets for this mount. You need to advise whether it is the first iteration which has the encoders fitted via adhesive pads or the later one where small screws do the job. This looks like the pads would be the way to go. It took me 10 minutes to fit encoders to mine. This then becomes the most fantastic, travel "push to" mount when used with SkySafari... A veritable bargain to get such a capable push to system... (Paging @JG777 ?)
  17. Have a read back of this entire thread... Some great suggestions within it...
  18. Martin Susie and I have one of these that we don’t use very much as we tend to use our 2”diagonals instead. It’s in “as new” condition with caps and the box is available too. Let me know if it might interest. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/william-optics-125-dura-bright-dielectric-diagonal.html Simon
  19. Worth doing... Did same and find the changes subtle but useful... Also, not sure whether 5 is receiving anymore updates. Some have said 46P position is inaccurate in 5. Whereas in 6 it is spot on...
  20. Planning on purchasing one of these shortly. So thought it worth enquiring if there's a previously owned one not getting the use it deserves ? Thanks
  21. Owen, sorry to correct you, but that’s not quite the case. The blue is the Atlas desk version. The black (or brown to some eyes) is the Atlas field version. And the pink is the new guide to accompany either Atlas. The pink guide is completely different, but complementary to the others I have all 3 versions and have just double checked... @Olli Any photos of pages, or descriptions you want, just holler... It’s one of the best atlases we own. And this is a really good guide to lunar viewing I find... Click here
  22. It was visible in other photographs on the web taken as far back as 2015 I believe... http://www.astronomersdoitinthedark.com/index.php?c=149&p=565
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