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  1. Well I read through it but perhaps skipped one or two paragraphs (I read through the basics of ccd for instance but then there were a couple of paragraphs which went into quite a bit of depth on it which I didn't feel I needed to learn right now - 95 or so percent of it I did read through though. I'm wondering why I bought an intervalometer now (it's yet to arrive) as I installed Backyard EOS last night and I think it's fantastic. The GUI is so easy, I connected my DSLR and took a few shots and looked at what some of the settings do. Just waiting for a clear night now so I can align polaris. There's one fundamental (potential) problem I hadn't thought of... my back garden is south facing and whilst the back lawn is average sized ( I could easily see Polaris from the middle of the lawn or the back of it) my patio isn't too big. I'm wondering if I'll be able to see Polaris from the patio! I don't really fancy setting up on the damp and wet lawn with soft ground and potential vibrations.
  2. its not just the connection I find the timing of the controller a bit off. as said if i dial in a 5 second interval between exposures it counts down from 5 initially but then starts getting quicker and quicker and towards the end of the time lapse exposure interval count downs start from about 3 seconds or so.
  3. Think I'll have to buy an intervalometer. I set the shutter to bulb in DSLR controller and 5000ms (5 second) exposures.. then an interval of 5 seconds between each exposure and 5 shots. It started off initially counting down from 5 seconds between exposures but towards the end it when an exposure had finished the interval timer ran down from about 2 or 3 seconds. I find the whole app / wifi thing a bit naff tbh, takes a while to connect sometimes and it just feels a bit slow and laggy.. I'll buy an intervalometer and then when I get good at things I'll connect my laptop to it and control it from that with APT or so. Thanks for the advice guys.
  4. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Why didn't you mod the 6D instead?
  5. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Which guider and scope would you recommend and do you use? I have a question about sensors - if, for example, doing 60 second exposures for an hour and leaving 5 second delay between each exposure, can this damage a DSLR sensor? I only have one DSLR which I use everyday so I don't want to damage the sensor. Would it heat up too much?
  6. Thank you very much for the detailed post. I may buy an intervalometer as it looks like the easiest way of setting exposures but for now I am using DSLRController to see how I can go about it that way. I received an email last night from Steve to thank me for ordering the book and that he had dispatched it, which I thought was nice. Received today and have finished reading it. What I particularly like about it is the way everything is explained with the Fs in order through to final processing. The observatory dome chapter was interesting too! I have a much clearer idea as to how AP works. The book has given me a clear structure as to understanding what goes into AP, equipment and software wise, with a well arranged order, so that is very good. Many thanks for the recommendation. I can see why people refer to it as the AP imager's Bible. Thanks to Steve for writing such a good book as well. It will be a guide I will refer to again and again.
  7. what's the theory behind it? why not leave 2 or 5 seconds between each shot? what is the difference? Is it to let the sensor cool between each shot or something?
  8. Ok thanks for the replies. I think that apps or intervalometers allow you more creativity over the Star Adventurer? May be wrong. Just one thing I really can't seem to find anything on - how long should I leave the interval between each shot. I can't find any advice on this at all.
  9. I've set it to bulb mode on the camera, then type in bulb duration 6000, which took me to another screen and i've set it to interval 02s 000ms , shots 30 , 58 seconds... So does that mean it'll shoot 30 photos, 58 seconds each exposure with a 2 second delay between each shot?
  10. Thanks. I've just installed DSLRController. Upon connecting my phone to my 80D it says "Detected possible problomatic camera configuration: Please make sure C.Fn IV: Operation/Others: Custom controls has both the shutter and AF-ON buttons set to AF. I think that's because I use back button focusing on my DSLR. Will it be a problem for AP though? I'd be focusing manually anyway so hopefully not ?
  11. I could download that app on my Android phone, and my DSLR has Wi-Fi. Can that app let me specify the duration of each exposure and how many... say for instance I wanted to take 30 x 60 second shots?
  12. I'll go for an Intervalometer then if that's the easiest way to do it. Just trying to find one that's compatible. I don't have the Skywatcher shutter cable.
  13. The Canon 80D has an interval timer built into it but I'm not sure if that's the same thing, I have a standard shutter release cable already. On the interval menu I can choose the number of shots and the interval between each one. But I can't specify how long each exposure should take.
  14. Thanks. Is there no other way to do it ? I'm not sure if that's compatible with my Camera...