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  1. Hi, I'm now very comfortable setting up and imaging with my mount and autoguiding etc. so I would like to buy a battery and drive to dark sites to image. I live around half an hour to an hour to dark sky locations so it would be great to improve my images by doing so. What battery would you recommend I go for? It would need to power my HEQ5 Pro, laptop and autoguiding, and dew heaters. If you have any advice and other tips as well for imaging at a dark site that would be appreciated. I have a single 12v socket in the back of the car if that could be useful for anything... And ways to keep warm in the car etc.?
  2. with regards to this banding. What's interesting is that I was stretching the data earlier and the bands are actually behind the galaxies! Not sure how that works. But they are. So it *may* be possible to fix in post somehow. Not that I know but I'd be interested in any techniques.
  3. smr

    Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    Amazing processing and image. It looks 3D.
  4. Sounds great, to use EQmod am I right in thinking that I need to buy one of these... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-eqdir-usb-adapter-for-sky-watcher-eq5-pro-heq5-syntrek-pro-az-eq5-gt-az-eq6-gt-and-eq8-mounts.html
  5. Just APT, I plan to use EQmod soon but I'm not yet.
  6. Hi, Just wondered if anyone could tell me how I can do a meridian flip. I'm not using any software other than APT so I'm guessing I would have to do this with the Synscan hand controller, but I'm not sure how to.
  7. And another sub... I've made it as contrasty as I could to show any artifacts in the sub and can't see the bands... so I think it can be concluded that it was because the memory card was in the DSLR but it wasn't being written to ... I'd love to understand the science behind that. I can't quite understand why you'd get a band just by not reading to the card as the computer / card / dslr has one less thing to do! But then I work in computers and fixing them so I'm not surprised! Must thank Carole for the heads up on this. I had done a search and found the post about it possibly being the memory card, but I wasn't sure if it was in this particular instance. It seems it is though. I can see the usual dust motes (one on the left and one top near right) and a few others, not sure why they look so massive, should probably clean my sensor at some point but that's not something I like the idea of doing.
  8. And here's a sub from tonight, I synchronized the edit on this sub... not sure why it looks different but could be the moon glow difference.... but I am struggling to see the same purple band ? Can you see it on this one?
  9. Right, so I've just set up and started imaging, saving to laptop and card now. I've also just had a look at a single sub in LR from last night and done some quick editing on it to see if I could see the band - I can, so it's not a stacking problem...
  10. Firstly many thanks for all of your replies... No particular reason. I was watching a video of Trevor Jones' a while back and noticed on his laptop he had save to laptop and not card in APT, and I thought last night, well why am I saving to both if I only need to save it once. That said I've never seen this banding before, but aside from saving it to just the laptop for the first time there are two other factors which were different to my previous imaging sessions where this banding wasn't present... 1) 240 second exposures compared to max 120 (but I'd have thought that's not a reason as the only thing happening there, if I am correct in thinking this, is that the sensor is heating up perhaps a bit more and there will be more hot pixels... and 2) dithering, I think, according to APT, that when a new light frames plan is selected and PHD2 is up and talking to APT that dithering happens automatically. The default values were left, but I can't see why dithering would cause this either. I've never seen it before and all imaging sessions prior to this I have saved to card and PC too. The USB connections on the laptop are USB 2, I have used this cable before quite a few sessions and I've never seen this banding. It's quite difficult to see it in the individual subs, but I think I can see it present itself as a very faint line. I can't really discern whether it's in the flats at all - it doesn't look like it though, I didn't take any darks or bias. I use APT and was using dithering last night for the first time. Will have a try, thanks. Ok thanks, I'm going to take some more images tonight, actually I was going to remove the card but now I think I'll keep the card in and have APT do what it did before ; save to both. If I still get banding then it must be either the long exposure or dithering as they are the only things different to any other session where the banding wasn't present. Thanks, I'll try and make use of the subs as 5 hours is as has been said quite a lot of imaging time.
  11. Thanks Olly. We have clear skies forecast tonight so perhaps I should try removing the SD card. I've never noticed this issue before since using a laptop, and this is the first time I have set for the images to download only to the laptop. But I left the SD card in the camera. This is also the first time I have gone longer than 2 minute exposures as well, to 4 minutes.
  12. One thing I can think of that I did differently this session was to download images to the laptop and not the card as well. Before this I've always downloaded to both, but I left the card in the camera even so.
  13. I've just stacked 5 hours of subs from last night and did a linear stretch - I thought I could see this present in some of my subs at the time but I thought it was maybe a monitor / team viewer thing or something which stacking would get rid of if it was on the images. What is it ? Aside from what looks like 5 hours of wasted subs. Exposure times were ISO 200 and 240 second subs. I took 30 flats and used 50 bias frames from another session, at the same ISO value.

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