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  1. No it's not astro modified. I'm able to pick up Hydrogen Alpha without modifying it. I will get a clip in filter for LPS though.
  2. Heh yes I had actually got the hitech 4 port one in my basket, i think it's £70 on FLO, but then I thought well if I only want to power two bands this one should do it so opted for that instead. I think it also draws less power as well from the 12V socket adapter I've bought.
  3. Thanks, yes will get into guiding soon hopefully. Will I need a finder scope or something to use for star alignment? I bought some dew control earlier: I bought this lot earlier, as I'll be using a mains supply with RCD, extension lead and dribox: hopefully the dew stuff I bought will work ok.
  4. Hi, I bought the book 'Making Every Photon Count' over a year ago but haven't been able to find it and I could really do with it for the part about refractors and what I need to image with. I come from a photography background but I don't know anything about telescopes. I'm near enough settled after lots of reading, on a William Optics Z73 scope to go on my HEQ5. But I'm not sure what else I need with it for imaging, I'll be using my DSLR on it, and I know that I need an M48 adapter and flattener but is there anything else I need. I won't be using it for visual so just imaging. Thanks for any advice.
  5. smr

    SkyWatcher Evostar 80ED OTA

    Hi, msg sent..
  6. smr

    Iris nebula with Skywatcher 72ED

    That's brilliant already.
  7. Ok thanks. Why would it be dangerous if the RCD wasn't on it?
  8. Hi, I know this is an old thread but I'm in exactly the same position of the OP... wondering how to power my HEQ5 Pro outside. I should preface this by saying I'm completely clueless when it comes to electronics and voltages etc. I have actually gone and bought the kit in the OP.. so RCD plug > 10 meter cable > Dribox with 4 socket extension lead inside it > PSU for mount. Why would it be far safer to use a bench power supply such as the Nevada one instead? Is the way I'm trying to do it dangerous and if so why?
  9. ok thanks for the reply. what would you recommend then? I don't want to use a battery and as I say I'll be using mains power. There's so many different types of 12v adapters etc. I have no idea whats good and what isn't.
  10. Hi, I'm looking at buying a dew controller and therefore need 12v power outside. I'm running my rig off of a 4 way plug socket in a dribox which is extended from the mains in the house into an RCD plug. Will these two items work fine for plugging a dew controller into?
  11. smr

    Heart and Soul in Ha - 2017-2018

    Good that you're getting decent results. But for a beginner it sounds like too much effort (if at all possible). It's frustrating because if the scope didn't have focusing / curvature problems with DSLRs attached I would buy one because I'm sure it's decent optically - and the price if there weren't any problems would be superb.
  12. smr

    Heart and Soul in Ha - 2017-2018

    Ok thanks, you're at a more advanced level than I am, I suppose you wouldn't recommend the 72ED for me? I have a crop sensor DSLR and want to buy a scope which is more plug and play really as I don't know anything at the moment about back focus and spacing etc.
  13. smr

    Heart and Soul in Ha - 2017-2018

    These are fantastic. They were all taken with your 72ED? You've sorted out the flattener/spacing ?
  14. It's ok I think I have realised what to do. I know how to polar align it was just that in the thread I linked a video, and it part two of those videos, on the subject of polar aligning, there are all sorts of charts and stuff, and using the hand controller to locate where Polaris should be. So basically I can just skip that video I think as I'd be using polar finder instead.
  15. I'm still confused. So far I have aligned the polar scope reticule with the mount but that's it. In these videos there's all sorts of stuff that isn't relevant to my polar scope (ie. in the video it shows placing Polaris in a bubble circle which is offset on the circle and my reticule doesn't have that bubble) so I don't understand how I am supposed to follow it. Because I can't do that I then can't follow the date, time, setting circles stuff and the things to put in the synscan hand controller. I'd be grateful if anyone point me in the direction for setting up an HEQ5 Pro with the newest reticule/clock (which doesn't have the bubble) and which other steps are/aren't necessary as I'll be using a polar finder app to locate Polaris.

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