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  1. Hi guys, Imaged for the first time with my newly acquired Canon 600D.... The strange pattern lower right - anyone know what that could be, doesn't look like sensor dust... will it clean with a sensor clean, and can anyone recommend a good sensor cleaning kit for the 600D please? On the bright side it's the first stack I've ever done (albeit only 1h30m) with a modified DSLR, and also first with a narrowband optolong l-enhance. A couple of points, positive and negative... the banding is much more pronounced in the 600D compared to my 80D - it has made me realise just how good the 80D is in terms of the cleanliness of the data, almost thinking about modifying my 80D now. The Optolong L-eNhance is superb from first impressions, stars are much smaller which is really nice, and no halos. I could imagine with a clean sensor and several hours integration I could get a nice image. Thanks Joel that thing on the bottom right also shows on flats.
  2. Just packed up. Had a good evening. I can't believe how much more streamlined and quicker setting up is now with Sharpcap Polar Alignment (as opposed to sitting on the floor under my mount), and especially Plate Solving, just place the mount in position, run sharp cap, quick adjustment with the bolts, slew to target in Stellarium, run Pointcraft in APT and get within 3 pixels or so on target. Awesome! In the last three months I've added Sharpcap, Plate Solving, a modified DSLR (finally!) and an OSC Narrowband Filter to my Astrophotography setup. Got about two hours on the Heart Nebula. Good luck to anyone still imaging and good night all.
  3. Re APT randomly stopping tracking. I've just unchecked 'Enable Mount Limits' in EQMOD which I read was a fix on an APT thread. Hopefully that solves it.
  4. Imaging the Heart Nebula
  5. Tracking seems to be ok now with Point Craft and APT. I don't know why it automatically stopped tracking before, maybe it was because I hadn't clicked Guide under the Gear settings ? The only other thing I did differently was to not close the Point Craft Window after doing the Plate Solving and selecting the target etc. ?
  6. I can plate solve fine, get to within 3 pixels of target.... and then start imaging, and then the mount stops tracking (the Track button in APT under the Gear settings turns off automatically). Any ideas?
  7. I use Teamviewer but when I have had hiccups with it before I've used anydesk, free and really good. https://anydesk.com/en
  8. Amazing part of the Sky.
  9. Completely overcast forecast for tonight. So with how Clear Outside seems to work I'll set my mount up in a bit.
  10. I got Plate Solving to work so I know how it to do that now. So much easier than I thought it would be! It sounded really complicated but it's so simple once you realise how to do it! Absolutely fantastic. No more Star Alignment and watching my mount slew to the other side of the sky then spending half an hour getting stars aligned and finding Deep Sky Objects. Bit of a dance with the clouds tonight but I'm glad to have got that working. A modified DSLR, first Narrowband Filter (for OSC) and Plate Solving all in one week. Nice! Good luck to anyone still imaging, and good night.
  11. Currently trying to plate solve for the first time, in between clouds at the moment.
  12. Is there any other hobby which makes you feel like a Meerkat popping your head out the window every 10 minutes to see if the clouds have gone?
  13. ........ it's completely overcast.
  14. Ah yes Kappa Sigma clipping and hot pixel removal in DSS should be fine. I dither with APT and PHD2 and use Bias frames. Really don't want to take darks with a DSLR as they need to be temperature matching which is difficult to do and then there's having to wait for dark frames. Thanks.
  15. Anywhere in the sky or is it better to use Stellarium to CTRL 1 to the target first, then do the plate solve?
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