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  1. Wondered why I never see any images from you Adam. Now I know why. Breathtakingly superb.
  2. Would this be a good Camera for my Z73, sampling wise ? I also have no clue how spacing works, how to use them, which / what to buy etc. Would I also need a filter ? I'd be coming from simply connecting a DSLR to my field flattener.
  3. Saw that earlier after reading your post TBH that kind of money is something I wouldn't mind progressing to for gear eventually, as this and landscape photography are my only two hobbies. Anyway, walk before running etc. I doubt I could take photos like the above with my Z73 in terms of stars and general IQ compared to such an instrument as the Tak.. Having said that it's obvious Richard is exceptionally good at the art of acquiring and processing astronomical images! edit... I wonder how the RASA 8" compares. I'm guessing not quite as good what with Tak's build and optical quality, but it's a nice widefield fov, and f/2...
  4. Nice, f/3.3 with that fov... and those optics.
  5. They are absolutely superb images Richard. Amazing.
  6. Hmm not too accurate tonight, supposed to be 1% cloud between now and 11pm. I'd say it's more 80 percent cloud right now.
  7. Hi, I'm very interested in buying an OSC camera with a main interest in imaging nebulae. I'd be interested to see what your best images look like with a dedicated OSC Camera and what they are capable of, it'd be nice to see a variety of different nebulae - not just the most commonly imaged DSOs, along with integration time, filters if used and bortle scale / sky conditions. According to CO my sky is Bortle 5 / Yellow / 19.57 mag. I know if I mention faint and dim targets the answer will be to forget OSC and go for Mono and narrowband, but our skies really are fickle here in the UK and I've probably imaged 4 targets since August, so I'm leaning towards and OSC rather than Mono.
  8. no idea which forecast CO use..........
  9. I would just try one sub length where the core isnt overexposed and go with that.
  10. hi, just stacking some data together and wondered what's causing this, from data over multiple nights. some of the stack was before i got my bahitnov mask and was able to focus properly... some of the stack is with the mask. Would this be why the stars have this strange pattern around them?
  11. Hi, How does an OSC workflow compare to using a DSLR? With my DSLR I use live view to focus on a bright star. How do you do this with an OSC Camera or Mono Camera if there is no live view ? I use APT Tool; can I use this to focus? At the moment I take just Flats and use Bias with my DSLR. Flats are taken using my laptop screen and using notepad. How do you take BIAS and Lightframes with an OSC? Thanks.
  12. Let's hope it lasts all week
  13. I'm pretty sure that it's been clear all night with no cloud at all. It was crystal clear when I went to bed last night even though cloud was forecast from 12am onwards. Clear sky this morning.
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