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  1. Ok thanks, and what about emission nebulae?
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a decent LP filter. There is mostly LED street lighting in the village. So I'm wondering about buying the D2 Filter with the following spectral response: But then I was thinking, this is £175. There's another filter which is about £100 more, which may be a better filter... the STC Duo Narrowband filter with the following spectral response So a few questions.... Apart from saving some money, would I be gaining anything by going for the D2? Do I need the 0-500nm and 500-650nm blocking, or is there a reason why I wouldn't want to block out that range? From what I understand the STC would block out all light except for the transmission at 500 and 650 so would this ok to use for all nebulae, galaxies etc.? If thinking about the D2 why not just go for the STC (money aside) ? Thanks for any advice. My Camera is an unmodified Canon 80D but I will probably be invested in an OSC 294MC Pro in the Summer. Would the filter provide for better images with my Canon80D?
  3. Hi all, Well this image is a special one for me as it's my first image of a galaxy. Well, a few months ago I did image Bodes and Cigar but there was a problem with the stack and banding issues. So this one is my first proper galaxy ; the Pinwheel Galaxy. 5 hours and 40 minutes worth of imaging, 240 second exposures at ISO 400. Canon 80D, Zenithstar 73, HEQ5 Pro Rowan Belt Modded, Starwave 50mm guidescope, ZWO 120MM. I may add to it but I'm not sure how much more data I could reasonably get and what kind of improvement, as I am probably limited by my bortle 6 skies.
  4. Thanks I will try one star alignment then! Contrary hobby this is! I am sure I read people saying 3 star align for most accurate imaging go to etc. then you read your comments! Will try it next time we have clear skies, so probably in May!
  5. Hi, I had this problem previously with M101 in my first imaging session. I did a two star alignment then and it wasn't in the frame, so I had to do some trial and error before getting it in the frame and then centred. Tonight I had the same problem not being able to see it in any subs after star alignment, so instead of a 2 star alignment I did a 3 star alignment, capella, betelgeuse and dubhe. Still didn't find M101. I have looked at a sub from the previous time I imaged it so I know that the Go-to hasn't found it properly as the stars don't correlate - and tried increasing ISO to see if I can see it. I don't have trouble finding other objects. Is this a thing with M101, is there an alternative way of finding it ?
  6. Well you an buy them direct from zwo cheaper than uk stockists sell them for. Theyre making a profit after all...
  7. Yes, I bought my 80D grey. I'm more interested in performance at the moment though.
  8. Not following. The 294MC Pro is cooled?
  9. I live under Bortle 6 skies but there are no direct sources of light really, from where I image in my back garden, it's quite dark. Obviously still light pollution but I can manage 7 minute exposures at ISO 200-400 on my 80D with a cheap OVL light pollution filter. So although it's Bortle 6 it's not the worst light pollution.
  10. Would I also be able to use this filter during fuller moon nights in the same way that a normal narrowband filter works?
  11. That's what I thought. So back to a 294MC Pro & this filter - could be a good alternative to a mono sensor?
  12. Thanks. I have found the 294 Pro for £780. With regards to LP filters, there are lots of other alternatives, but this isn't just an LP filter, would it be worthwhile using it on a stock dslr ? Would I see a better transmission of Ha and OIII ?
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