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  1. You probably have to buy a whole motor replacement for each... i've not come across any gearboxes which are the same as the ones for the those motors. The broken teeth seem to suggest the RA and Dec axes are far too tight... the axes are not well assembled and tend to be overly tight. They can be easily corrected.
  2. Thanks all for your input. My Oiii stars don't have halos so I don't know if my issue is related to that. However this thread got me thinking about electronic focusing and I can buy an auto focuser for my ED80 for £45 and an ASCOM compliant controller is available. Then I can set up filter offsets and (hopefully) automate the whole process
  3. Yes using a refractor. Fair point... I appreciate light of differing wavelengths will focus in different positions, and Ha and Sii are almost next door to each other in the EM spectrum.
  4. >might be worth talking to the supplier? I bought it 2nd hand so I'm not sure I have any warranty.
  5. No, I'm not refocusing... I'm assuming these filters are parfocal. However next time when I have the bahtinov mask on I will check each filter to see if this is the case.
  6. Hi, I've read there's been some problems with this filter.... my Ha and Sii stars look fine and are about the same size but the Oiii stars are noticeably larger. Can anyone recommend a replacement which is parfocal with the other Baader filters? Thanks, Chris
  7. Is the Altair Astro Hypercam 183M not a good camera? I am looking to go mono so any opinions appreciated.
  8. Two cheap plastic 2x barlows £5 each Good condition with boxes It says 3x on the barrel but they're actually 2x Not as bad as they sound... I used one of them in my guidescope with good effect. The extra focal length really improved guiding AC Power Adapter for Canon 1100D/1200D/1300D cameras £13 With UK spec plug. Canon EOS T/M42 adapter with 1.25 nosepiece £4 Haynes "Hubble Space Telescope" book £12 Bought new, in excellent condition All prices include free postage within UK. Payment with Paypal (Friends & Family) please.
  9. Must have a helical focuser and a Synta foot.
  10. Interesting project... how much does the DIY cooler cost?
  11. There a field for lum where you can select a file just like for RGB. As a side issue is it possible to take a decent usable lum for planets? I've read it's tough and my efforts show adding a lum just makes things worse. Adding one of the RGB images as a lum can work.
  12. I found WinJUPOS very helpful in combining my LRGB images.
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