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  1. Stu He acknowledged receipt of my email. But that's it... I'm sure you weren't, but don't hold anything on his account "just in case"... First come with a firm offer, first seeing the stars (when it's clear) is fine by me... I'll let you know if I get any follow up indicating interest. Simon
  2. Stu I've sent a link to the advert to a mate who lives in my village near Baldock in North Herts. Let's wait and see if he has any interest, but if you wanted any reassurance as he's not a member, I'll vouch for him if he does sign up to contact you . (I've told him to mention my association). Either that or we could ask @Stu and @Grumpy Martian to vouch for me and I could accompany Ian for collection as I have bought from Stu on several occasions and sold to Martin... As I say, all depends on whether the "interest" he has shown in my activities was genuine or him just being polite !!
  3. Unless I have missed it (but I have read twice) I think you have omitted any pricing details...
  4. I shall drop you a PM. May have something to consider...
  5. Every day can be a school day... Used to take the HoTech with us as we took the Heritage to Namibia, La Palma and New Zealand. Maybe those trips caused the slight shift. or maybe we were just unlucky... But fortunately some very helpful chaps on CN who had experienced similar showed a very simple way to adjust...
  6. I started with a standard Cheshire but moving to a laser made single handed collimation so much easier, particularly in the dusk / dark. I began with a HoTech one like this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/hotech-collimation-tools/hotech-sca-laser-collimator-with-cross-hair.html It worked really well, but needed collimation itself once in a while (which was easy to do by the way). I still have it and use it when we travel with our Heritage 130P. But with our larger Dob, I eventually bought a Howie Glatter and found it to be more accurate and it holds its own collimation so much bett
  7. I do hope you get replies in this section... It's a little surprising when one doesn't get the response one might normally expect...
  8. Wife and I were blessed. Lovely clear night until about 01:00am here in North Hertfordshire. Not a great number of meteors to be seen, but it was a glorious evening scanning the skies while listening to the local owls hooting and the occasional "bark" from a lonely dog Fox...
  9. After watching a few video tutorials and reading a similar number of threads on here, I cleaned my 14" mirror myself. Really isn't that difficult a task if you are methodical
  10. If you may want to use the mount as a travel mount, the "traveveller" is obviously the only option. If, however, packing the mount into hand luggage isn't a requirement (and having both isn't an option) I'd always go for the AYO II. I've used that with my 8" EdgeHD one side and a large refractor the other. "Reassuringly sturdy" !! Encoders are also a wonderful addition to them both... Enjoy whichever you opt for...
  11. Without wishing to sound like a politician hedging his bets; "That depends"... Weight and smoothness wouldn't be a problem I don't think. I have used it with my Tak with a 2" diagonal and 100* eyepieces on occasions and it acquitted itself well. If the Binoviewers are heavy, like the Leica or Maxbrights, and you're loading them with heavy eyepieces, you may find yourself having to work out the balance carefully, but then again that would be the same with most mounts. The only difference being that if I get balance and clutches wrong on my AYO II, it merely swings down (I use a pilla
  12. I really can't keep up with all this buying, selling, swapping and upgrading... It's not 'which day of the week is it ?' it's 'what hour of the day is it !!!' Can you use one of the cells Teleskop Express sell and use your own mirror ?
  13. No, if you ask nicely he will still help you. His wife was poorly a while back and he thought about stopping because of that. But didn't if you contacted him and he had the time / inclination...
  14. Neil I have used Denis and have sent Leica and WO Binoviewers to him for service. I have his email address if you want it. PM me if it's a route you want to explore and I'll send you his email privately if you haven't found it from elsewhere Simon
  15. I bought mine after having a cuppa with a friend of mine, Es Reid. One afternoon we were discussing planetary observing (before lockdown brought a stop to our regular face to face natters) and he asked whether I used one. When I confessed that I didn't he explained what a considerable difference he felt his had made to his observing through a number of telescopes and from a number of locations. Given his eminently more qualified eyes and his opinion that he wouldn't observe the planets without it now, I bought my own and can also appreciate the difference they make...
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