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  1. Stargazer McCabe

    COMPLETED - Binoviewer Pairs

    Moderators - Please archive - Pairs sourced now. Thanks...
  2. Moderators, please archive. There was no wait list and Beat has shipped one today... Thank you
  3. As a fan of Beat's AYO II I'm considering changing our travel mount to a VAMO Traveller. In addition to enquiring about new ones through Beat directly, I'm wondering whether anyone has one they aren't using as much as it should be ? Preference for Black or Grey. But Red happily considered too...
  4. Stargazer McCabe

    SkySafari Observation Lists

    In ST3 Open the observation list you want to export. To the left of the observation list name is a blue arrow. Hit this. Click on export. Select format you want. Job done...
  5. Stargazer McCabe

    What do they clean scope with?

    You took the words out of my mouth Mr Drew
  6. Stargazer McCabe

    The Universe in a box....

    Very nice addition to the collection @Stu. Nice to have a range of instruments to suit circumstances, locations and available time. Very clever the way the Alkaid can be packed away into such a compact case. I’m sure the teething issues will be overcome swiftly.
  7. Stargazer McCabe

    Good views with Binos?

    Take a look here: http://www.binocularsky.com/ It will tell you all you need to know. particularly if you sign up for the newsletter...
  8. Stargazer McCabe

    I've completed the Messier list

    Well done Sir... It's M30 that still eludes Susie and me. M74 and M75 were almost imperceptible and I was glad Susie was there to confirm it wasn't a case of "averted imagination" with those two. Hopefully a forthcoming trip to La Palma will give us the chance to confirm the indistinct ones and to get M30
  9. Stargazer McCabe

    dog stops stargazing

    My 5 Labradors love it when Susie and I are out with the scopes. Extended opportunities to sniff and search out interesting scents morph into opportunities to sleep at our feet at the base of the scopes we have out. It turns into a really relaxed and snoozy “family affair “ for them all...
  10. Stargazer McCabe

    Vaonis - Stellina Smart Telescope

    @Galen Gilmore I've seen a couple of very lengthy discussions on here in the past. If you search I'm sure they'll crop up for you... There were pages of discussions...
  11. Stargazer McCabe

    Meade 8 inch Lx 90

    There was one on ABS a week ago... Can't see it now but I didn't do a thorough search just now...
  12. Stargazer McCabe

    Heritage 130p shroud

    You can get flocking material from FLO (First Light Optics). Works a treat...
  13. Stargazer McCabe

    Heritage 130 finderscope?

    The shroud is fabricated from a 10 litre stuff sack that I flocked on the inside. Works a treat as our travel scope
  14. Stargazer McCabe

    My back may change my mind?

    Seconded. Motion carried... On occasions, when wanting to have a peek at Venus, I'm obliged to set up on our decking because of angles and foliage etc. Whether with the refractors or the SCT, the vibrations, no matter how careful we have tried to be, detract from the experience to the point I no longer bother... I would urge you to somehow try observing from the intended location as @John suggests before sinking too much cost into new purchases. If you're happy with the solidity of your decking that'll be fantastic. But I share his concerns...

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