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  1. Travelscope which is the best?

    I'm off to Namibia tonight. And this time I'm taking a Heritage 130P OTA which I'll be mounting on a Gitzo Carbon Tripod and a Castor mount... To date when we've been off to La Palma it's been our 70mm ED Refractor that's sat atop that setup. But on a side by side comparison in our back garden the other night the 130mm of aperture vs 70 mm and the 650 focal length vs 420 was noticeable enough for us to find a way to get it all in. If I were backpacking, I'd be able to get OTA and mount in a larger rucksack than I'm taking on the plane, with the tripod strapped externally. For flights the OTA is in a small backpack and the mount and tripod are in checked...
  2. So what's the price for the camera without the lenses ?
  3. SkySafari & iOS 11

    @Scooot How frustrating. I'm all for innovation and embrace change. But I do sometimes think those that say "if it aint broke..." have a point !!
  4. SkySafari & iOS 11

    @Littleguy80 @Knighty2112 Thanks all. Successfully done. Only niggle with the update is the strange non chronological order to about 100 photos in the camera roll that many have reported...
  5. SkySafari & iOS 11

    @Scooot & anyone else who might be interested; I can confirm it seems to work too. No dramas
  6. SkySafari & iOS 11

    @Scooot Thank you. That's reassuring.
  7. SkySafari & iOS 11

    Morning all. I'm being prompted by my iPhone 7 to upgrade to iOS 11. I'd normally do this without hesitation but I read a comment recently that someone had an issue with a version of SkySafari becoming unresponsive thereafter... As I'm off to Namibia shortly the last thing I need is for SkySafari to become recalcitrant if I do upgrade. I'm using the most up to date SkySafari 5 Pro, but which hasn't been updated in about 3 months if I recall correctly. So may I widen this survey from just the one comment I read ? Has anyone had any issues after upgrading to iOS 11 please ?
  8. Not for checked luggage...
  9. Last thing I'd do would be to travel with everything attached. That's asking for trouble in my view. Any jolts or bumps I'd rather there was no unnecessary force on any camera to filter wheel or filter wheel to scope connections. But that's your call...
  10. If that's the end goal then the one you linked to in your original post will do the job. You'll find the outer aluminium alarmingly thin and the catches flimsy. The construction "lacking". But as something to surround the kit in foam for a flight in hand baggage it will do the job. But be prepared to buy another one for your second trip away... The old adage "buy cheap buy twice" could have been invented for these...
  11. That's fine for storage and transport at home or in a car. But that's nowhere near robust enough for airline hold travel. I have several from that same company for eyepieces and scope storage at home, but even after flight travel in hand luggage the smaller Cases & Enclosures Case has shown signs of weakness. If you are contemplating "sturdy", that's far from sturdy... Even for use in hand luggage I've dispensed with it. My professional camera gear and such like that have to go as checked luggage are always in Peli Cases.
  12. Skys the Limit baseball cap?

    @Lister I purchased one of these Observing Hoods. Does a double job of keeping me warm on winter observing nights and blocking extraneous light. Admittedly it doesn't adresss the torch issue, but I use one of the Celestron ones shown below the hood link. It can be used at varying brightness levels... The hoods come from Russia. But arrive quickly and Roman speaks / writes very well in English. Mine arrived in about a week. An excellent help to seeing those faint fuzzies you wrote about in your M31 thread... http://r-sky.org/en/products/observing-hood https://www.firstlightoptics.com/red-light-astronomy-torches/celestron-night-vision-red-led-torch.html
  13. Travel setup recommendations

    Victor On a completely different subject, are you just outside Copenhagen ? My wife spends at least 2 nights a week in Copenhagen as she's Commercial Director for Scandinavia for a U.K. Business. Weather's never guaranteed I know. But if the skies were ever clear and dark when she's over where would you suggest she heads to with her binoculars ? She tends to stay near the airport most visits...
  14. Travel setup recommendations

    By the way, with a Herschel Wedge the ED80 does stunning work. But more aperture would possibly do better...
  15. Travel setup recommendations

    Victor We use a Berlebach Castor or a Giro Ercole Mini. Let me be honest, the case is great for travel in our cars. But I don't know that I'd trust it in an airline hold. And it's too big for carry on. We love the scope. But we won't be taking it to Namibia...