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  1. Oh dear... oh dear....

    I'm not sure if you've read Gary Fildes book; "An Astronomer's Tale"..? If so you may recall how his fascination with the stars started by peering through his brother's telescope with no eyepiece in... The dust spots and fuzzy images he saw were probably as good as that which you have seen through your good lady's recent purchase. Yet he believed he was seeing craters and stars... And from that start he went on to be Founder and Director of Kielder...
  2. Does anyone have an extra Barlow they aren't using?

    Have you tried posting the same question on the Cloudy Nights forum ? You’ve demonstrated this one attracts contributors from across the world (and you are most welcome) but if you examined member profiles I think you’d find it primarily populated by European members. On the other hand, Cloudy Nights does the same but tends to be a more US oriented forum in terms of participant profile. You may have a greater chance of finding someone closer to home wanting to reduce the contents of their spares box if you were to reach a predominately US audience...
  3. Parallellogram mount recommendations please

    Thank you. Looks like we're in the same boat this time around as you were... I'll rest easy and let Valentin know it would appear to be the norm...
  4. Sky at night observing chair

    @skmc1955 I'm no woodworker. Consequently I took the easy way out and purchased my Observing Chair from Rother Valley Optics. It's the Geoptik Nadira Chair. To my eye, it might be a simpler design for a craftsman to replicate ? But as i say, I'm not in a position to comment... If you want any measurements or further photos, PM me...
  5. Parallellogram mount recommendations please

    @mdstuart @ChrisCM @25585 Gents, I too have ordered from Valentin. Approximately 2 weeks ago. He and I have both been tracking the package and we both saw it had departed from Kiev on 5th December. But since then the Ukraine site doesn't seem to show any further tracking details now it is out of their jurisdiction. And Parcelforce tracking shows an unusual message saying what's shown below. Can I ask is this similar to your experience ? I recall one of you saying yours arrived with a site saying it was still in Kiev... Item tracking history Date Time Location Tracking event 5/12/2017 15:10 MISMATCH - KIEV PI-3 Valentin and I are just trying to ascertain whether the tracking details we are seeing is what others saw too... We're aware this is a busy time for carriers, but he's just a bit concerned that it seems to have disappeared from the radar... Thanks
  6. Star Log

    Although I use Sky Tools and Sky Safari to record my observations, i’d be interested in having a look too. Top effort by the sound of it...
  7. Seeing Red

    You may well be referring to Carbon Stars... This is worth working through if that’s the case. https://www.astroleague.org/files/obsclubs/CarbonStar/CarbonStar-List.pdf
  8. Portable 250mm Newt

    David Lukehurst made one once... Here's how he solved the task of an ultra portable 8"... He might know whether the customer did ever travel with it as he states in the "reason for the build"... http://www.dobsonians.co.uk/News Page.html
  9. Collapsible or Solid Tube

    With a good light shroud on the flex tube you will nullify the impact of stray light and reduce the chances of dew. I have a 14" flex tube and rarely suffer from either. Go with the one you can store, carry and transport most easily...
  10. Es Reid + collimating a triplet APO

    He was more than happy to do mine. Which is why he came to mind...
  11. Es Reid + collimating a triplet APO

    David Es is a friend... I have PM'd you... To warn you, he's limiting how many projects he takes on these days, preferring to fettle his vintage cars. So I've also used Steve Collingwood who Es recommends. I've enclosed Steve's details too in the PM.
  12. Pentax XW 40 and ZAO I 16mm

    I don’t think he’s selling them. I read it as a swap... Is a price required for trades / swaps ?
  13. More supermoon hype...

    Completely agree. Even if only one of us converts one person to understanding the truth behind the so called “super moon” and possibly other issues such as LP that’s got to be a good thing surely... Because if that one person then converts another...
  14. Light Pollution - can you help??

    @Stars another resource that might be useful... http://www.darksky.org/