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  1. And, to add, Serge at Astro Devices makes easily filled encoder sets for this mount. You need to advise whether it is the first iteration which has the encoders fitted via adhesive pads or the later one where small screws do the job. This looks like the pads would be the way to go. It took me 10 minutes to fit encoders to mine. This then becomes the most fantastic, travel "push to" mount when used with SkySafari... A veritable bargain to get such a capable push to system... (Paging @JG777 )
  2. Have a read back of this entire thread... Some great suggestions within it...
  3. Martin Susie and I have one of these that we don’t use very much as we tend to use our 2”diagonals instead. It’s in “as new” condition with caps and the box is available too. Let me know if it might interest. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/william-optics-125-dura-bright-dielectric-diagonal.html Simon
  4. Worth doing... Did same and find the changes subtle but useful... Also, not sure whether 5 is receiving anymore updates. Some have said 46P position is inaccurate in 5. Whereas in 6 it is spot on...
  5. Planning on purchasing one of these shortly. So thought it worth enquiring if there's a previously owned one not getting the use it deserves ? Thanks
  6. Owen, sorry to correct you, but that’s not quite the case. The blue is the Atlas desk version. The black (or brown to some eyes) is the Atlas field version. And the pink is the new guide to accompany either Atlas. The pink guide is completely different, but complementary to the others I have all 3 versions and have just double checked... @Olli Any photos of pages, or descriptions you want, just holler... It’s one of the best atlases we own. And this is a really good guide to lunar viewing I find... Click here
  7. It was visible in other photographs on the web taken as far back as 2015 I believe... http://www.astronomersdoitinthedark.com/index.php?c=149&p=565
  8. Can't get closer to a 10" Dob's performance than this... (I have no affiliation or contact with the seller...) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sumerian-Optics-Alkaid-10-254-mm-f-5-Dobsonian-Travel-Telescope/302982151837
  9. @Ray02 Welcome back... I'd suggest you spend some time in the Getting started with Observing Section of the forum. It will probably answer an enormous number of the questions you have. https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/185-getting-started-with-observing/ Such as:
  10. See those as aspects to make it all the sweeter when you do find it
  11. Thanks Chris, just saw your post and caught it on the link you shared.
  12. SkySafari was pretty accurate the other evening. My wife and I found it in 16x70 and 25x100 binoculars on Friday night. But it was towards the haze of the horizon as others have said. It's a pretty easy star hop from Tau 1 Eri or Azha... Good luck with finding it.
  13. @Alan White Alan - As you can see from my "Kit List" I have a Dob and 2 Alt/Az Mounts with Encoders. I also have both derivatives of Serge's Nexus system. A DSC and a Nexus II. All work with SkySafari. If you ever wanted to see them in action, daytime or night time, just holler... Silent easy "Push To" when required (so long as one can see 2 stars to align on). But manual finding is equally possible if one wishes to indulge one's inner Caveman...
  14. If you Enter Vixen 2.1 into the search bar there are quite a few threads that pop up with user comments...
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