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  1. Manual Mount Axis Stiffness...

    I have recently purchased a new Berlebach Castor Mount that I'm enquiring about. I already own a Ercole Mini which works flawlessly and which I am drawing the comparison with. I've noticed that both the Castor's axes are noticeably stiffer than the Mini. Even with both tension bolts backed off on the Castor it takes a bit more "effort" to track. The Mount is correctly balanced in both axes I believe as this is a tad tricky to determine given the apparent inertia. I have dropped Berlebach a note but in the interim I wondered whether those with experience would suggest that with use the axes will free up, whether any form of lubrication is advised or whether the Castor is a Mount with inherently more resistance than I'm used to. Thanks in advance...
  2. You thoughts on mount for celestron c6 / 6 se ota

    Alan Along with an AVX and several manual Alt Az mounts, like @nightfisher (Jules) I also have a SkyWatcher Star Discovery. It could fit the bill perfectly if GoTo tracking is what you seek. It has the added benefit of the Freedom Find capability. If you do hone in on that as a mount send me a PM, as we are contemplating passing ours on. Mainly because we tend to prefer the Manual Mounts as our scopes are shorter focal lengths and tracking is relatively easy with them and the 100* eyepieces...
  3. @Richard Hather was looking for one of these the other day...
  4. Astro Clear out (go on treat yourself ;)

    PM'd re T2 to 1.25"
  5. Enquiry PM sent
  6. Teleskop-tecnica Giro GR-2 mini mount

    Enquiry PM sent
  7. Quark chromosphere *SOLD*

    Thank you @Freddie
  8. Quark chromosphere *SOLD*

    @Floater Gordon, did the set up you used this with require an ERF ? Currently have an ED80 we could use it with. But contemplating acquiring an ED120... Ed
  9. Withdrawn.

    We're getting there slowly... What fitment ???
  10. Withdrawn.

    2" ? 2" to 1.25" ? What fitting ? Some details may assist. On FLO there are many variations...
  11. Lumicon UHC. Still the best?

    Every day's a school day eh @Olly 😁 Old dog. New tricks... 😂
  12. Lunt 20mm HDC

    Should you wish to provide said 10mm BCO I should gladly provide options on mailing addresses Gerry 😁 I've been hugely impressed with it thus far. Even when used in a 1.6 Antares Barlow with the f4.5 Dob
  13. Lunt 20mm HDC

    Seconded. Never had an issue. Whatever I've bought or wherever in the world I've had it shipped to or needed customer service...
  14. Lunt 20mm HDC

    It's not just the 20mm that's really good Stu. The 9mm is equally impressive. Loving using both in a f4.5 Dob
  15. eyepiece arrangement

    A classic case of "if all else fails; read the instructions or research fully" by the sounds of it... 😁