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  1. Stargazer McCabe

    Orion optics uk 8" dobsonian

    My mistake. I missed the trade element. I have a friend looking for an 8” Dob. Hence my excitement at seeing the ad. In my haste I missed the preference for a trade...
  2. Stargazer McCabe

    Orion optics uk 8" dobsonian

    How much ??
  3. Stargazer McCabe

    Wanted: TeleVue Ethos 3.7mm SX eyepiece

    @alanjgreen Alan, one was available on Astro Buy Sell about a week ago. Although the ad has gone, as it could have sold, it might be worth placing your wanted ad there as well if you haven’t... It might be a case that it hadn’t sold and has been removed a bit like James removed his FC-100 DF for a break over the summer ? Just a thought as it was there middle to end of last week.
  4. Stargazer McCabe

    Binoviewer Pairs

    If anyone has any quality, under utilised pairs of Plossls or Orthos I’d be interested in hearing what you might be willing to pass on. If I go down the new route, I’m thinking along the lines of Televue Plossls at longer focal lengths and Super Abbe Orthos or Baader Classics down to about 9 or 10mm. But I thought I’d ask around first. Must be in excellent condition. Preferably with caps and boxes... Thanks
  5. Stargazer McCabe

    20x80 binocular balancing

    Philip I’d venture the binoculars need collimating. The brain has the ability to take miscollimated daytime images and make sense of them I believe as it “knows what it should be seeing”... On celestial point source targets it processes what it sees “as seen”. Therefore if an anticipated single point source target shows as a double, I’d start your investigation with the binoculars themselves. The other observations you make may all help along the lines of “marginal gains”. But I think the likely area of greatest improvement will be the binoculars themselves. Although I am no expert, I write based on similar experiences
  6. Stargazer McCabe

    Telescope dollies that defy economic logic...

    I've seen Faulksy use the wheelbarrow handles with ease on a 20"... They do work exceptionally well. Whether with one central wheel at the front as per his design or as John has shown with the two...
  7. Stargazer McCabe

    What did the postman bring?

    There is an alternative Ade It doesn’t have to be the scopes that go...
  8. Stargazer McCabe

    Why are the planets so low in the sky?

    You know what, having never met I’ve probably got this all wrong !! But I’m somewhat surprised you haven’t moved or bought your neighbour out and flattened the offending house
  9. Stargazer McCabe

    ES 14mm 82 degrees?

    My father wears spectacles to view through my scopes when he visits. He’s never had issues using my ES 14 eyepiece...
  10. Stargazer McCabe

    New or old version?

    On it’s way. Took a wander to the village P.O. with one of the hounds and the package made the lunchtime collection @JudeHS I’ve sent you a pm re postage... Only came to £2.96 - a veritable bargain...
  11. Stargazer McCabe

    New or old version?

    Jude I have an old, hardback copy I no longer use. If you want it, it's yours... You cover postage and I'll send it over. Private message me an address if you want it... Simon
  12. Stargazer McCabe

    La Palma Lighthouse

    Knobby I visit La Palma several times each year with scope and binoculars. I have visited the lighthouse several times. Not to observe though. It's an interesting area for a daytime visit, with the volcano nearby, the "salt farm" very close and a rather "swish" restaurant... Near the lighthouse is the parking area for the restaurant. At night, until the restaurant closes and staff leave there will be a number of cars up and down the access road sweeping their lights back and forth on the hairpins as they ascend or descend and in the car park. Also, the restaurant is "glass fronted and sided" and until those are extinguished it's lit up like a tomato growing greenhouse. Oh, and there's a bloomin' great light atop the lighthouse !! But you're right, looking up it can be dark down there once everyone else has gone. But depending on where you are staying there are better spots... Where are you staying ?
  13. Stargazer McCabe

    SW 102/1000

    Hey Luke To try and help; it might be worth dropping Steve Asbury a note at ENS Optical in UK. He deals with a lot of previously owned telescopes. Not all his stock is listed on his website all the time. And if he knows someone is seeking a particular item he will often keep a watch for you. http://ensoptical.co.uk/ info@ensoptical.co.uk Good Luck
  14. Stargazer McCabe

    What did the postman bring?

    Looks a cracking solution
  15. Stargazer McCabe

    Chasing A Shadow, Then A Pimple!

    @Stu a while back we observed an Io shadow transit, which seemed a bit larger than last night’s. Again, we picked the moon up at the beginning and the end only. Haven’t even witnessed a shadow transit of the other two yet. But will remember your suggestions if we do and it coincides with a clear evening...

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