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  1. I'm trying to strip down the focuser on my Explore Scientific 127 frac, I've found a number of online guides and some of these are pretty good - especially http://polluxchung.com/gso_crayford_fix/ BUT my coarse focus knob is made up slightly differently - see attached picture and I cant work out how to get it apart further to get at the bearings - the little hole has a grub screw in it - taken that out but the brass disc with the slots wont budge even though it looks like it should unscrew to release the silver knob - have tried wd40 on it. Anyone taken one like this apart ?
  2. Unless you only want to do lunar and planetary I wouldn't even consider the non cooled versions of either, you'll regret it if you don't go cooled.
  3. Has anyone got an AzGti (specifically in EQ mode) connected via a usb->serial cable. The skywatcher documentation such that it is suggests that the synscan app should still be used but I can’t get that to recognise the mount at all. I had limited success with EQmod but that insists on it being an heq5 and doesn’t seem to work as it should.
  4. App 1.12.0 works ok too - Motor Board 3.16.A5
  5. Are you sure you're using the pro version of the App - get the Pro version from that App store and you'll be sorted.
  6. Working on iOS here just as it should but I'm on app version 1.11.3 which is odd because I only downloaded it recently - I'll be careful not to update it !!
  7. As Jorge suggested using a Skywatcher wifi dongle sorted the issue - the unit would not reset itself no matter how long it was left including overnight with all the house wifi devices turned off. Luckily I was able to borrow the dongle.
  8. Same problen here - anyone solved this yet without resorting to buying the wifi dongle?
  9. That's really annoying .. mine is similarly stuck now and cant access it at all.
  10. Turns out you can image under a bright moon with OSC - Iris Neb 56 x 120sec lights with darks flats and bias as flat darks. Bortle 4, Moon at 78% Equipment as signature, unguided.
  11. Trouble is that will give me a whole slice of the sky each side of the meridian I can't goto rather than just a small circle around the zenith.
  12. I can set meridian limits and horizon limits but what I really want to set is limits around the zenith to stop the mount crashing my camera into my tripod, can it be done, and if so how?
  13. Something like this? It's simply a cheap nodal slide rail.
  14. I've still to try mine with guiding as well .. I went for a side by side setup so I can use the finder scope as a finder scope too but my primary aim was to have a scope I could use sharpcap with for a polar align (not tried that yet either!) but I will see how guiding works at some stage.
  15. I usually use DBE but reading Warren Kellers book he suggests that for simple even gradients ABE can do an excellent job and shouldn't be discounted. With this image it was so good I didn't even bother going to DBE. The stacked files showed an even gradient for the without darks and a very uneven one for the with (the green splodges are just a manifestation of this). DBE might do a better job on the with darks stack but the point is the darks introduced a gradient that wasn't there before. As you say it's a bonus
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