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  1. Is there any reason to consider the 2600 over the 268C? The 268C will be cheaper so unless there's a reason to pay more for the 2600.
  2. I see both the QHY268C and the ASI2600 both use the same Sony IMX571 sensor.
  3. It amazes me that people are willing to spend £1.5k on the 071MCPro then, unless they aren't aware of the cooling issues.
  4. Thanks for that, so basically they are the same apart from perhaps build quality? Same sensor and quality of performance etc? How about the 294MC Pro, aside from a bigger sensor how does that compare and what are the disadvantages of the smaller sensor? Smaller images and print sizes I guess? My scope is 430mm.
  5. I hear a few people on Cloudynights saying they have problems with their ASI071MC Pro's frosting, can't remember if I've seen anything about the 294 having the same thing but I don't think so... although I have heard about the 294 having calibration issues.
  6. Ah thanks for that I should have worded it different... I meant how do just the 2600 and 268 compare to eachother, as I'm interested in an APS-C OSC and may be willing to stretch to 1.5-2k for one... I hear ZWO have frosting issues with some of their cameras but QHY don't ? And how does hte 294MC Pro compare to these two apart from the obvious sensor size difference? Half the price I'd imagine if those two are coming in around £2k. I think you can pre-order the 268C for £1,800 at the moment.
  7. How would the ASI 2600 and QHY268C compare?
  8. So basically you're better off buying a midrange Canon DSLR and just having it modified. Very expensive for what's essentially a modified DSLR.
  9. Thanks ! Yes it's a lovely scope, you'll be happy with it.
  10. Thanks! Quite a bit actually. I'd say it takes me a few days to complete a video at the moment. I have a lot of respect for content creators on youtube after starting my own channel and making my own videos. I use Adobe Premiere Pro and it's fantastic. I enjoy making and editing the videos even though I probably use about 10 percent of what the software is capable of.
  11. Hi, A new astrophotography channel I've created on youtube, hope you enjoy it, you might pick up some tips or might be able to tell me some (more likely!) I've only made two videos so far so content wise and production quality etc. are still a work in progress but it's good fun. I'd embed the links but they display huge for some reason so here are the links. Eastern Veil Nebula: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxMRSwww9-Y Triangulum Galaxy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XujC-h4kfSQ
  12. Wow, I think that's the most 3D looking image of M45 I've seen. Super!
  13. smr


    Thanks very much, it's a lovely Galaxy. I've seen some spectacular images of this with Astronomy Cameras so I'm looking forward to imaging again one day when I have one! Good luck with the imaging and have fun.
  14. smr


    Hi, Here's my image of the Triangulum Galaxy. The Triangulum Galaxy is a Spiral Galaxy located roughly 2.73 Million Light Years from Earth in the constellation Triangulum. It's just the third largest member in the local group, behind our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and also Andromeda (the latter of which you can see my image of on another thread on this forum). The Triangulum Galaxy is believed to be a satellite galaxy of the Andromeda Galaxy owing to their proximity, velocity and interactions. Even though it's an astonishing 3 or so million light years away from Earth, it can be seen with the naked under eye under very good (dark and no light pollution) skies. My image is the result of stacking 125 photographs together, some three minutes long and most five minutes in length. I then stacked them together in a program called DeepSkyStacker and processed the resulting stacked image in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Acquired with the following equipment: Imaging Camera: Canon 80D (stock, unmodified) Telescope: William Optics Zenithstar 73 Mount: HEQ5 Pro Rowan Belt Modified Guide Camera: ZWO ASI120MM Mini Autoguiding Camera Guidescope: Altair Starwave 50mm Image Acquisition Software: Astrophotography Tool Guiding Software: PHD2 Guiding Software Bortle 5 Skies No Light Pollution Filter 125 Light Frames 100 Bias Frames No Dark Frames (Dithered) 20 Flat Frames per (three) sessions Thanks for looking.
  15. Amazing images given the integration time. Making me rethink my Scopes now.... 4 or 5 hours on M42 with my rig attains much less data than what you have with such a ridiculously short integration time.
  16. Well even though CO has said 90 percent high cloud cover between 8-11pm all day it's been completely clear instead. Been imaging since 7pm on M33, 5 minute subs. Can see Orion's Belt when I just had a look outside, I don't know why but I always find it quite magical to see It's cold and crisp out but no dew like the other night.
  17. well it was forecast green with 0 percent cloud all day and all night, well into 4 am tomorrow morning.... now it's green all day and then red at 7pm-11pm. Hmpff, typical at new moon as well. I'd got excited about getting lots of imaging in tonight. There's no point in looking at the forecast even a day before I think is the point. Won't bother now will just watch the F1 tonight in the warmth instead.
  18. Well I got about 30 x 5 minute subs in, it's been quite nice and the sky looks a lot better than last night, a huge blanket of high cloud has just started coming over though, looks like something out of Independence Day Time to take some flats and call it a night for Astro.
  19. couple of hours window here between 8pm and 10pm. Think I might get some more data on M33. Everything is so wet though, I just set my camera tripod up outside and recorded a couple of timelapses of the sunset. Everything is dripping even after half an hour outside, so much moisture in the air...
  20. Hi all, I've wondered whether I should be buying a decent light pollution filter for sometime now and am unsure whether one would help me. If I am able to take 3-5 minute exposures at the correct ISO setting for my Camera (purportedly ISO 200-400 for the Canon 80D) with the histogram data in APT showing 20-30 percent of the way across, do a need an LP filter? I have Bortle 5, 19.57 mag skies. Obviously if I had a bright orange background then I would buy one without hesitating but the background isn't washed out or so, but it does look a bit brown from the subs the other night on M33. I don't think the sky conditions were great, maybe something to do with the altitude, might have been high cloud which was hard to see and the transparency was a bit poor, compared to this Eastern Veil shot, ISO 200, 180 second image, but towards the Zenith on a different night though when conditions looked better... But then targets coming up in the winter like the HH & Flame, Rosette etc. are lower down where there's more of that sky fog so the images will probably resemble more of the first with that brown murkyness. But anyway, do I need a light pollution filter like the IDAS D2? Would it help SNR even if I can get rid of gradients with gradient xterminator - one inverse selection and medium / medium and the levels are balanced and any background gradients are removed. Where I image from doesn't have any direct source of lights really but there's that obvious sort of sky wash which is LED'ish looking, hence wondering if I should buy the IDAS D2.... but if it doesn't improve the SNR also then I don't see much point spending £200 on one.
  21. I don't mean to derail the thread but which Mono camera would you recommend circa £1k or thereabouts Olly, out of curiosity ?
  22. Think I'm shooting through a fair bit of high altitude whispy cloud. Hard to tell, but the subs aren't looking great. A bit brown and murky with splattery looking stars even though I'm focused properly. Went from 10pm - 3am green to all orange except for 3am now. Meh. Poured myself a glass of red for my efforts anyway, think I'll leave it running, hopefully get some clear skies or data worth keeping.
  23. Hey guys, just been shooting some b-roll for my astrophotography channel, second video. This time I'm going to be shooting M33 for the first time. Glad to have finished the Eastern Veil tbh, 4 nights of imaging since August it's nice to start imaging a new target, especially one I haven't imaged before. Still get a big buzz when I see new DSOs on the back of my DSLR! Looks quite clear tonight and no Moon until 1-2am so hopefully a few hours on it.
  24. This is really impressive! I can't believe I am faffing around with a DSLR unmodified and imaging for 16 hours to get an image with way less SNR than this. I need to buy myself my ASI294MC Pro !
  25. Auad-band? Quad band I presume This is fantastic, and only 40 minutes? ! What Bortle are your skies? ASI294MC Pro ?
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