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  1. Guys, I've sold batches of S@N mags in the past, yes you have to be patient but if you're willing to post them and be flexible on price they will sell eventually.
  2. For those wishing to tune their AVX further check out my other mod:
  3. That's a big scope for imaging on the AVX... I had a 8" SCT and it was a struggle! I then got a SW ED80 refractor which was an improvement, being lighter and having a shorter focal length.
  4. That sounds fine to me. Yes I got addicted to imaging but now finished my journey. The AVX is capable of good results, just needs some tweaking which is probably true of all of the cheaper GOTO mounts.
  5. There are many reasons not to have the axes too tight... you will be able to balance better, less stress and load on the motors, gears, and bearings and yes it may improve guiding.
  6. Useful for powering your mount, dew strip controller, etc when at home. Good condition, boxed with instruction leaflet. Spec: 12V 7.5A 90W with UK 3 pin plug (2 pin shaver plug adapter also included) £9 + £3 P&P
  7. 3 batches of six S@N mags, all in excellent, flicked-thru-once condition Jan-Jun 2018 Jul-Dec 2018 Jan-Jun 2019 SOLD Jul-Dec 2019 SOLD Aug, Sep, Oct & Nov 2016 and May & Jun 2017 (condition of these good) Each batch £8 + £3 P&P
  8. Another thought: only operate the mount when the mount is properly balanced otherwise you will overly stress the motors and gears.
  9. VGC complete with 3 peg things that hold it in place This fitted my SW ED80 refractor so any scope roughly 3 inch in diameter will be fine (the pegs can be adjusted) £10 + £2 UK postage £8 + £2 UK postage
  10. StarTech.com 1 Port FTDI USB to Serial RS232 Adapter Cable with COM Retention I found this to be a very reliable cable for my AVX mount. Complete with drivers on CD and instructions. £9 + £3 UK postage
  11. Digital SLR Astrophotography Astrophotography for the Amateur Both books in nice clean condition. £15 for both + £3 UK postage
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