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Ganymede on medium seeing


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With a resize of 400% I really did abuse the magnification, even so I was surprised because the photo still shows details that can be recognized compared to the photo of WinJupos.
The feature I found most striking was that dark streak at 6 o'clock, can be seen easily in my photo. Some spots in the upper limb are also easily confronted.
The only thing that disagrees between the images is the white center in my photo, I believe it was capture error, probably gain or very high exposure that made the center overexposed.
For a comparison we also have the image of Pioneer made in 1973 that only comes to demonstrate the advancement of current imaging technology.

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Wow !!!

That is a superb result. It is remarkable how we can (with lots of skill, dedication and good equipment) get close to what major space programmes could achieve a couple of decades ago.


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Very interesting information on this, Avani. And right you are as regards to advances we've seen since '73 and all. I'm constantly being amazed by what I'm seeing coming from amateur (if such truly even exists these days!) efforts using the new technological breakthroughs.

Wild days -


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