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  1. How the?? Its a moon... from another planet... with detail... I'm genuinely shocked that this is possible from a 14" ground based telescope and a £300 camera.
  2. Ah right. If it was from amazon direct you'd be in luck (I only ever order from amazon if I can as they'll refund no questions asked even 2 years down the line) You can try contacting amazon CS and see what they say, I've had them get involved successfully in a few cases where the order was direct from the seller and outside the standard 30 day window, failing that contact BP directly, and should that even fail see what your bank says.
  3. Love it when with the same data how differently people process an image.
  4. Don't blame you, you've pushed the envelope with alt az imaging as much as anyone, your processing is pretty damn good so you're limited by the quality of the data now. Improving the mount is the next logical step. I will pull my finger out one day and finally setup and use the equipment I've spent hundreds on and join in (still not taken a single image with it, its just sat there outside!), would love to get something half as good as what you've achieved.
  5. Spectacular images, no doubt helped by your excellent processing!
  6. I too have a 127 SLT, and started off not knowing exactly what I wanted. Had it 3 years now and I still thinks it's the right choice. However, to get the best from it you'll need to spend more than $400. You'll need a power pack if out in the field, or an AC adapter. The rdf is a bit naff so also bought a 9x50 finder. I also thought having goto would speed things up, but it still took a good 20 minutes dragging scope out, attaching all the cables (I control by a PC) levelling and then aligning and focusing. The best thing I purchased was one of these: Houses my scope, a mini Intel nuc PC to control the scope and cameras. I have an asi224mc attached to the mak, and a DSLR attached to the mak with one of these Use the modded 1100d DSLR with zoom lens for widefield, and also remotely aligning (tried a finder guider and web cam, pain the bum) and the 224mc for smaller DSO, a Barlow for planets or a focal reducer for other small DSO. I can leave my scope in park, and be up and capturing within minutes (focus might need a tweak if temp changes) I very rarely use my scope for visual, once youve seen one grey smudge you've seen them all. Check out the alt az photography thread, there are some spectacular images there using the £100 SLT mount (I've yet to contribute to it!)
  7. Neximage 5 is a glorified webcam, you'll get just as good results with a £5 ps3 eyecam and £15 worth of adapters (at least for planets), and better results still with the 120mc. I know, I've had all 3 and now on a 224mc (which is superb imo)
  8. Are you using batteries? My SLT tracks jupiter or the moon for hours, I can even park it and turn on next day and tracking is still bang on. I always do 3 star alignment.
  9. Looks alright to get kids interested, much better than the plastic toy scopes and other than binoculars I doubt you'll find anything better for under £50. Spotted on hotukdeals, meade infinity 600az for £29 %26 UGC~47868&awid=47868
  10. Well done. I had a bash the other day with the mak and a 2x barlow, focusing was near impossible!
  11. Weird. Before it still showed the 'like this' button and hadn't registered I'd pressed it (other than to say you can't give reputation to this user), appears correct now.
  12. Yes, I click that and it says I can't give rep to this user. Allows me to do some I think, just not you. Maybe you're not special enough ;
  13. I love an image with a dominating star or two, gives a real sense of depth. Edit - Also any idea why I can't 'like' this post? Says I can't give rep to you.
  14. This site doesn't work properly on my mobile. Every time I reply it tries to include a quote from parallaxer! Anyway Filro, version 2 is spectacular. Short of full on observatories with camera rotators I doubt anyone has made better images on an alt az mount. I need to pull my finger out, remotely opened my observatory to use at night for the first time yesterday, went to get kids to bed. Came downstairs and had no stars on my finder guider or 224mc on laptop. webcam showed clear sky. I know mak was in rough focus and finder never loses focus, just wanted to align then I'll remotely alter focus on mak after. Reinstalled sharp cap, rebooted remote PC, installed drivers, still nowt. Sharp cap showing frames being sent. Went outside to give it a right kicking. I only went and left the friggin solar filters on from last week... proper head in hands moment. Didn't bother setting up so went to bed in a sulk, need to put my DSLR on anyway. Have bought some hosepipe rings as can't find telescope rings for a 127mak, will bodge it this weekend and then join the fun!