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  1. And that's why Amazon are still top of the customer service pile.
  2. jimbo747

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Apologies to anyone in Derbyshire. Since my starsense arrived 2 weeks ago there hasn't been a single clear night, it's still on the box in fact. I'm off out Friday, so of course it's forecast to be crystal
  3. Modding a 1100d was incredibly easy - just make sure you follow the tutorials properly. I didn't and therefore ended up with a full spectrum mod instead of just the IR glass, so cost me another £40 on top for an IR UV filter! There's a seller on eBay who often sells faulty dSLRs, mine had a faulty autofocus so only cost £70. There's bargains around if you can spot them!
  4. jimbo747

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Can't get behind the scope to align by sight, need to use a combination of the dSLR to find a bright star, finder scope with webcam to get closer and then with APT and sharpcap try and get a star bang in the middle of the 224mc tp get goto spot on- not easy to do with a 2.5 Barlow on a slow scope when the 224mc, ps3 eye cam and 1100d don't exactly line up. Decided to do what i normally do when i have a problem, chuck money at it. Got a starsense and Bluetooth serial adapter arriving Monday, just in time for a fortnight of cloud. (They both on Amazon which swung it for me and massively cheaper than elsewhere, there's one starsense left in stock now @£269). Probably have to get skysafari now.
  5. jimbo747

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Seething. Raging even. Last night I decided to properly sort my scope out, focused the mak with barlow and 224mc ready for some jupiter shots, attached the IR and UV cut to my 1100d, perfect focus at 10-12 degrees, spot on alightment, set scope to park, connected via my remote intel nuc in my mini observatory ready for tonight. Moon looks good, jupiter now above houses, will see orion, lovely calm night, best one this year. Turn on mount, get laptop and a glass of wine and boot up teamviewer... no connection. Try another laptop and same... Just read as of 10 minutes ago teamviewer down for 8 hours of maintenance!!! Just my nonefamilyfriendlyword-ing luck!!! Remote desktop not setup. None of the software setup on my laptop and I'd have to do another alignment which is a pain to do without line of sight (took an hour last night). I just wanted to use the 224mc and modified dslr for the first time, and the Gods are laughing at me. If something happens tomorrow night, theres a free keter max storage box, raspberry pi with linear actuator, SLT mount, 127 mak, 1100d, asi 224mc, intel NUC and a load of filters, web cameras and storage cases available for collection from derbyshire FOC.
  6. I have my 127 SLT setup in a mini observatory for last 6 months but never used as frustrated in getting nexremote to work properly as well as cameras (although today I finally pulled my finger out and have found out it's the Intel nuc / windows computer that has the issues rather than the mount) I want to be able to remotely align and control the mount remotely. I currently have the serial cable plugged in to the handset (which has worked ok in past at old house) I have a 224mc connected to the scope, and a 1100d piggy backing on top, as well as a ps3 eye cam on the guide scope all connected to the PC. I was planning on using the dSLR at 100mm FL in conjunction with the 3 star auto alignment to get things rolling but so far it's just been frustrating (plus I'd need to manually adjust the zoom lens to 200mm+ and focus again once aligned for the target defeating the purpose of me controlling it remotely. Which brings me on to my next frustration of not getting stellarium to place nicely with my scope. Haven't managed a single image this year. Manual alignment using eyeball mk1 is impossible because of where the scope is positioned. I've looked at starsense, but am i right in thinking this doesn't work with PC control / nexremote? I then looked at the celestron WiFi dongle thing but it's over £100, then read today that sky safari with a Bluetooth adapter (£25 from amazon) can control my scope although i still need to align it first. Is it possible to use star sense and skysafari / Bluetooth adapter? Is it as accurate as a manual 3 star align? What other solutions are there? I just want Alexa to open my observatory (the only part that does actually work) resume from park mode, have it auto align, and then hand over slew control to either my android phone or pc, i select a target, check focus and adjust with the raspberry pi and then start imaging, all while sat in my pants on the sofa.
  7. jimbo747

    Neximage Burst Color HELP

    Yo have exposure set to 2.4s (don't know how icap works but presume it overrides the 24fps.) In anything but pitch black that is way too high. In broad daylight try less than 50ms, image should look a bit dim, and then either turn the focus knob either way until something appears. I have the exact same scope and the knob seems to turn for ages before reaching the end. Another slightly quicker way is move the camera in / out of the focuser by hand until you have a rough image - just bear in mind the view is tiny. In fact, if you have a 6mm eyepiece try and focus with that first and something a bit distant (at least 50m, pref on horizon), and then replace with the camera, it won't be too far off.
  8. jimbo747

    Neximage Burst Color HELP

    Best way of trying any camera out is in the day. If you point the camera (take out of scope for now) at a light source does the image go brighter on screen? If so, the camera is working, it'll be because of focus and / or exposure settings. Try it on scope during day and point it at a landmark somewhere in the distance Also what software are you using, I've had best success with sharpcap.
  9. jimbo747

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Well if you happen to find out, please let me know (mines a SLT mount but imagine should work the same). Don't know whether to get the wireless adapter instead, or both... Stellarium no longer playing with my mount so it's sat outside unused for 6 months. Cheers James
  10. jimbo747

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    With starsense can you control the scope remotely still like with pc stellarium or mobile app?
  11. jimbo747

    Canon 1300D for astrophotography

    Not bought one yet, but I've been recommended something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CARL-ZEISS-JENA-S-SONNAR-3-5-135mm-MC-MULTI-COATED-LENS-M42-MOUNT/172591898490?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D40656%26meid%3Ddae58869f7ee467a8e3ff9b2ac4510c7%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D3%26sd%3D391629261458 Just need an m42 to ef adapter which you can find on amazon / ebay for a fiver.
  12. jimbo747

    Ganymede on medium seeing

    How the?? Its a moon... from another planet... with detail... I'm genuinely shocked that this is possible from a 14" ground based telescope and a £300 camera.
  13. Ah right. If it was from amazon direct you'd be in luck (I only ever order from amazon if I can as they'll refund no questions asked even 2 years down the line) You can try contacting amazon CS and see what they say, I've had them get involved successfully in a few cases where the order was direct from the seller and outside the standard 30 day window, failing that contact BP directly, and should that even fail see what your bank says.
  14. jimbo747

    eta carinae nebula

    Love it when with the same data how differently people process an image.

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