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Bubble Nebula in bicolor


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I first imaged the Bubble about 4 years ago. I'd only just started in the hobby, and I remember thinking at the time "wow, this is my first proper image!". Looking back, I think I was pretty easily pleased ;-) You can see that original here: http://www.astrobin.com/20250/B/?image_list_page=2&nc=


So anyway, with the benefit of four years experience and better equipment, I thought it was time to revisit. I was also blessed with a month of unusually good conditions - in fact there is more imaging time in this object than I managed in the entire season of 2013-2014!


Scope: Toscano 10" Truss RC with AP 0.67 reducer

Mount: EQ8, guided via OAG w/Lodestar

Camera: QHY9M


There is nearly 19 hours of data, including 18x1800s OIII and 20x1200s Ha, combined with an hour of each of RGB for the stars. It was my first go at combining RGB stars with narrowband, I struggled with the star spikes, they seemed to be overpowered by the Ha when I merged them in using PS blend mode Lighten - if anyone can give me any pointers for future use I'd be grateful!




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9 hours ago, todd8137 said:

The bubble looks 3D,great image


Thanks. I knew if I could get plenty of blue out of the OIII signal it would add that depth. The OIII was really quite weak, despite the amount of data I grabbed, and had to be stretched really hard - in reality there is no way it looks this blue, but of course all narrowband images are false colour to some degree!

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9 hours ago, Rodd said:

very nice---SII....SII....SII...(Chant):icon_biggrin:

Ha ha - I did actually grab a couple of hours of SII, but it was ridiculously faint. Just a bit in the Bubble itself and virtually nothing in the background. Soon gave up on the idea!

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