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  1. Wow, that's really nice. Not seen this before but I guess, being a summer object, it's tough to get many hours on it.
  2. That sounds excellent by UK standards - my skies are decent but, being 5 miles outside Preston, I only get >SQM20 on the odd, very good night
  3. Cheers Geof. There's actually an RGB version of it on David Ratledge's excellent imaging blog (scroll down to Feb 2nd) - I think it does show though that Ha is needed to bring out the detail. http://www.deep-sky.co.uk/blogspot/2014archive/archive2014.htm Would be interested to see what your extra FL/aperture could bring out - you probably have better skies in Norfolk than up here as well!
  4. Cheers. I was quite surprised how few versions of this are about. It's in an area of the sky which means you can have a good 10 hour run on it in a single night at this time of year.
  5. I often struggle with how much noise reduction to apply to images (usually over-do it), so I'd be interested to hear if people prefer this version with a bit more NR - thanks...
  6. Hi, This little planetary nebula is between Camelopardalis and Cassiopeia. I don't think it is often captured on it's own - it's occasionally seen in the corner of a widefield with HFG1, but my FOV has no chance of getting both together! It's very faint and I wondered at first whether I was wasting my time, but the recent good skies allowed me to get >20hrs on it and bring out some detail, especially in the Ha. Taken with a standard C9.25 SCT (reduced down to approx F6), on an EQ8. Atik 414 EX Mono. There were 16 x 30min OIII and 25 x 30min Ha subs, giving 20.5hrs in total.
  7. There's plenty of photos of it on Astrobin, but yes, you wouldn't have it down as one of the most photogenic targets: https://www.astrobin.com/search/?q=6822
  8. Fantastic image Barry! And the background galaxies are a thing of beauty. It got me looking at my own work-in-progress version to see if I could see the cap as I had never heard of it before - it is just about there with 8.5 hours of Ha but I'm never going to be able to capture it as well as you have here with UK skies. Ditto with that faint white arc just to the left of the galaxy - is that IFN? It looks more like some sort of shock wave.
  9. Are you keeping an image history, ie. HFR / star count statistics? When I was using an ASI1600 I seem to remember that was taking longer than the actual download on my very low spec (but USB3) laptop until I disabled it. You can tell how long it takes by seeing how long the "Analyzing Star Data" message is displayed at the bottom.
  10. I have a dehumidifier running in my obsy. I put a power meter on it a while back, and I seem to remember I worked out that it was costing me about 30p per day on the damp days (often in NW England). So not cheap as Olly says, although not the end of the world. It keeps the shed at 55% RH.
  11. I tried using wifi extenders to reach my obsy via Teamviewer (probably about 20 metres) for a few years and they were flaky at best. I changed to use powerline adaptor/extender about 6 months ago and the improvement is massive, both in terms of reliability and bandwidth. By the way, my obsy is on a different circuit to the house, it still works fine.
  12. Another in agreement here. I imaged with a C9.25 (slightly heavier admittedly) on an HEQ5 for a year or so. It often worked ok but there were odd periods of frustration with dropped sub after dropped sub. It was all so much less stressful when I upgraded to an NEQ6.
  13. Typical really - I spent late Jan and most of Feb imaging this galaxy, stopped a week too early. Having read this heads-up I had to just make 100% sure by checking my last sub - even though it was taken on 21-Feb!!
  14. Nice pic. Glad there's someone else on here now who's got a Toscano RC! I've had a 10" truss one for a couple of years now - don't think I've ever got it 100% fettled but I'm not far off.
  15. Very nice. I took a couple of subs of this myself recently, but gave up when I saw the effect of that bright star - great bit of processing to get it looking so clean.
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