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  1. I think this is a very good question. It’s one reason why I think there’s a good case for a moratorium on any human trips to Mars until robotic probes have determined that there either is or isn’t Martian life. It’s quite possible that we have already contaminated Mars. But one thing we can be pretty sure of is that human exploration will muddy the waters as far as determining whether any life found in the future originated on Mars or on Earth. It might be of course that Martian life is biologically so different that we might be pretty certain it originated on Mars. If on the other hand DNA/
  2. Where might I obtain some extension tubes of the type shown here as 18mm & 15mm? I don’t know what to search for.
  3. Not to be left out here’s my attempt taken in 2016 of M87 and Markovian Chain. The trick to reveal the jet in my data was not to over stretch, which is what the insert shows.
  4. Lovely image. I can’t see the purple fringes on my iPad screen.
  5. OK. Thanks. I’ve learned something here. Can you obtain any spatial information on the source? Or is the object effectively a point source.
  6. I see, I think. Instead of plotting the methanol spectral line as intensity versus frequency you’re converting frequency to velocity relative to the sun’s. Is that right?
  7. Yes, very interesting. Maybe you explain this somewhere above but why is the horizontal axis velocity (km/s)? I might have expected it to be frequency (Hz).
  8. PI runs fine on a mid-2014 MacBook. Struth that’s nearly 7 years old!
  9. Pretty amazing image. The bubble looks very delicate!
  10. Actually although I think solar powered fairy lights and similar dotted about the garden are the height of naffness at least they pump out less light than a several thousand lumen security light.
  11. I haven’t noticed darker skies over the last 12 months or so. I did think the skies were clearer, less hazy, during the first lockdown, which I took to be because of fewer aircraft. I recall something similar happened a few years ago when flights over Europe were cancelled due to a volcanic eruption. If anything, local light pollution has got worse due to DIY enthusiasts locked down at home putting up ever more fancy garden lights and security lighting. Grrrrrr!
  12. But but but but .... is this the same really? Suppose light travels slower on the outward journey and faster on the return. The outward and return directions are different depending on whether the light starts from Alice and returns via Bob to Alice, or starts with Bob and returns via Alice to Bob. A to B and back to A or B to A and back to B. So what would tell the photon to behave differently on the outward and return journeys?
  13. Markarian’s chain of galaxies near Leo might make an interesting target for wide field.
  14. What an excellent video! I have been polar aligning this way in KStars for some time but it’s good to see it explained so well. The producer of the video has several other good tutorial videos too. Good find!
  15. Yes, it still gives me a bit of a wow when it finishes calibration and guiding kicks in. The distortion in the corners looks like coma to me. If you could get rid of that you’d have round stars right across your images not just in the middle. Is there a field flattener for your lens/telescope?
  16. Isn’t the problem with instantaneous communication that it allows messages to be sent into the past? Something that’s likely to cause all sorts o problems.
  17. Yes. Phenomenal amounts of power would be required to set up a radio beacon radiating in all directions for it to be detectable anywhere in the galaxy. As someone said - that’s not a radio beacon. That’s a weapon!
  18. Even if there are better ways than radio waves to communicate, an alien civilisation would almost certainly advertise their presence by setting up a radio wave beacon because they would know that most/all technological civilisations will at some point have discovered radio communication. This assumes that they would want to advertise their presence of course.
  19. I can see how you can make vertical cuts into the foam. But how do you cut underneath the plug of foam you have made? Or are you cutting all the way through?
  20. I would send em in. They will be factoring in variations in eye sensitivity.
  21. That’s very good. I would have thought Marlow was about as light polluted as here. However, my eyes are much less sensitive now than they used to be. I can only see Mag 5 in Bortle Class 2 with averted vision. I can’t see mag 6 at all now.
  22. Yep, had a go at it tonight and sent in my count. Here in Oxfordshire I counted 11 stars inside the Orion rectangle they specify. That’s borderline “some to severe” light pollution on their scale - though I knew that already.
  23. Yes, I don't know when SW introduced a USB port in these mounts. My older AZ-EQ6 doesn’t have one. I don’t think Wicklowskies mentions whether his mount has one or not. I must say I don’t understand why you would connect to the hand controller when the Hitecastro USB EQ Direct Interface' cable connects directly to the mount. The hand controller doesn’t do anything, as far as I can recall, when connected to the computer. PS When you connect your mount to the computer via USB can you still control the mount locally with the handset still connected - or is the handset USB too?
  24. How significant is field rotation over a minute or so? Would using a CMOS camera with their short exposures of 60s or so allow you to get away with it? Also for planetary and lunar imaging, do the various processing apps compensate for field rotation?
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