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Sol 18-10-16 11.00


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sunny here thismorrning but sols got a vail of thin cloud but shot through it anyway. kit- ed80. 1.5x barlow, lunt wedge, 1200d for discs, asi120mc for closer. disc 60 frames staxed, closer 200 frames, not alot going on at the moment, hope we get something new soon. thanks for looking ,clear skys ,charl.


sol 18-10-16 10.50.png


sol 18-10-16 10.50 col.png


sol 18-10-16 cu1.png

closer coloured.

sol 18-10-16 cu1 col.png


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5 minutes ago, cshahar said:

image in the winter as well?

thanks Charles, winter is my best time, with shooting from indoors i get 6 hours of tracking time in january and 1.5 hours of tracking time in july, so the nearer i get to christmas the better. clear skys mate.  charl.

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thanks Spaceboy, i think its because i live 5 miles from the coast and what cloud i get mainly blows over " well that and a bit of witchcraft :icon_biggrin:", i shoot in jpeg so only need a short time to get my shots, and  being setup all the time helps as well, and can take my shots while layed in bed if i want too. hope you have clear skys charl.

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