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Walking on the Moon

Lovely new spot. Not lovely animation


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After grabbing a shot or two this morning first thing, it clouded over completely. At 10.10 it cleared again for around a quarter of an hour, but left very nasty thin cloud in its place. I wouldn't normally have bothered trying to get an animation, and certainly wouldn't normally inflict this on you, but as a record it might be useful later, depending on how this bad boy turns out :happy10:

Processed twice, once for surface, once for the edge action. Cleverer people than I would put the 2 together of course.... 24 frames over 12 minutes. 




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1 minute ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

confirms my idea that there is another spot just beyond the limb

Good point, I did wonder why there was so much activity on the limb despite the first spot being well away from the limb now. Another, better, animation coming now


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