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Televue powermate query

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Hi all, just a query over a site I've never used before. On the Orion Optics UK website they have a Televue 2.5x 1.25" Powermate priced up at £142 without postage added on. On most other sites in the UK I've seen this same Powermate priced over £200 without postage. Has anyone used this site OK? Also, they apparently contact you after you've bought it to arrange shipping? Seems a little odd?



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Yeah, prices on OO are generally indicated without VAT as far as I see. One thing though.. Every time I enquired them about TV products, they told me that they didn't have any.. Maybe I was just unlucky, dunno, but if I were you, I would also drop them an email just to make sure.

Possibly the reason why they contact you after sending them the payment is for confirming (or not) that they have the item.

I know you asked for the TV Powermate 2.5x, so my comment is slightly off topic. At the new price (~£200) of the PM2.5x, you might also want to consider the Baader VIP Barlow. With the additional 40mm extension tube you can get 2.6x (aside from 1.76x, 2.0x, 2.39x). It is a barlow though, not a tele-extender/ powermate, so you might have some inward focus adjustment to apply in order to reach focus. With the 40mm extension tube it will cost around £200. Just a thought of course.

Hope this helps,    


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