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  1. Hi I am looking for the QHY Polemaster for doing polar alignment. If you have one and no longer need it please send me a message and I will get back. Thanks and Regards Yogesh
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. What is the difference between a barlow and a powermate ? Are you suggesting that in the long run it would be good to get a powermate ? Do you recommend any ? Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  3. Thanks again. I really appreciate you replying back. I am definitely going to try what you suggested , increasing the gain and re-centering next time. I will keep this thread updated if i manage to succeed or not . Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  4. Hi Thanks a lot for your reply. That is some good tip. I did not really realize untill you mentioned that the fov is that small. I suppose I was taking some things for granted in my head. Thanks! I will try it on the moon to start with next time. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  5. Very nice picture. What barlow were you using ? Did you have to use any extensions for getting the image in focus ? I have a 200pds and having tough time focusing with 3x barlow and asi120mc. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply. What I did was to get the image focused on the chip with out using any barlow and then simply insert the barlow and then tried to focus again. I must mention that I am using HEQ5 pro for tracking. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  7. Hi I have a Skywatcher 200PDS. I managed to get images of saturn, jupiter with the telescope and the ASI120MC-S camera. However, to get a bit more magnified image of these planets I got myself a Barlow Tele Vue 3x and Revelation 5x. I am having trouble with this setup and really disappointed now. I am not able to achieve focus with any of these barlows using my planetary camera. I have added extension etc. but no luck whatsover. I just see a blank black video preview in SharpCap. I have seen people using the same setup and getting good images out of those. Any help highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  8. HI Peter, Thank you so much for your response. Can I ask you some more favours please. Is it possible you could post some screenshot here for my reference for the Registax wavelet stuff. This is just for my reference. If you have any information on Registax tutorial etc I would love that as well. Can you please check my sharpcap settings and suggest any improvements. I think in the video there is a bit of highlights which has blown out completely. Thanks again. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  9. Hi Peter, Thanks for your time to go through my video and getting that image. Quite impressive I must say. This was my first time doing this. So can you please let me know what settings did you use on autostakkert and the Registax wavelet filter. I tried but mine is no where near. Based on my video which you had a chance to look, can I safely assume that there is no problem with my camera. Asking because I was about to return it. Please do let me know. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  10. Thanks a lot for your response Peter. I have now uploaded my original video I took using the camera to this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NhDq3WiuMnKYk-zK7MQdDTfgSDdI5EAZ. It is a 2GB video. There is turbulence in the atmosphere which can be seen in the video and also I can see the same square shaped pixelations in the video. Is this expected? Are my settings to capture the video correct. I mean the exposure, gain, colour space etc. Please do let me know. I will use PIPP and will post some results here soon. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh
  11. Hi I have recently purchased a ZWO ASI120MC-S webcam from FLO. I wanted to try it the other night so I decided to get some test images for the moon. I was using Sharpcap for this. I manged to get the video and was using Autostakkert to stack it. On the final stacked image I can see that there are some strange vertical lines. I have attached a picture of that. There is also a zoomed in image of a region and I can see some small squares almost resembling the pixels on the sensor. Below are my capture settings as given by SharpCap. [ZWO ASI120MC-S] Debayer Preview=On Pan=0 Tilt=0 Output Format=AVI files (*.avi) Binning=1 Capture Area=1280x960 Colour Space=RAW8 Temperature=19.2 High Speed Mode=Off Overclock=0 Turbo USB=86(Auto) Flip=Both Frame Rate Limit=60 fps Gain=50(Auto) Exposure=0.001993 Timestamp Frames=Off White Bal (B)=95 White Bal (R)=52 Brightness=0 Auto Exp Max Gain=50 Auto Exp Max Exp M S=30000 Auto Exp Target Brightness=100 Mono Bin=Off Apply Flat=None Subtract Dark=None #Black Point Display Black Point=0 #MidTone Point Display MidTone Point=0.5 #White Point Display White Point=1 TimeStamp=2018-06-25T23:13:22.6772909Z SharpCapVersion=3.1.5214.0 For Autostakkert (v2.6.8 ) I was not doing anything fancy. Pressed analyze and then used 50% of the frames to stack. Used 200 as the AP size. Also, had the drizzle as 1.5x My camera was mounted to a skywatcher 200pds and HEQ5 mount. I am failing to understand what is going wrong here. Is the camera a problem or stacking is an issue ? Please let me know if there is any more information that you need. Thanks and Regards, Yogesh moon_25062018_1min_00_13_20_g4_ap35_Drizzle15.tif moon_25062018_1min_00_13_20_g4_ap35_Drizzle15_ZOOM.tif
  12. Thanks for your reply. I already had that with me. Thanks anyways !
  13. Just an update. Many thanks to all the wonderful people who responded. I did some digging around based on the replies that I got and also referring the very useful articles written by Robin(rwilkey) at http://www.swindonstargazers.com/beginners/eyepieces.htm . Thanks a lot John for giving me that link, that website has a wealth of information. I have now bought myself the following: Revelation self centring 50mm extension tube. (https://www.telescopehouse.com/accessories/eyepiece-adaptors-and-extension-tubes/revelation-self-center-50mm-extension-tube-2.html) Skywatcher 32mm 2" panaview eyepiece. (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/panaview-2-eyepieces.html) 5mm 1.25" BST Starguider eyepiece. Got his direclty form sky is the limit website(http://www.skysthelimit.org.uk/). The ebay link for it is (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-25-5mm-BST-Explorer-Dual-ED-eyepiece-Branded-Starguider/382094055731?hash=item58f6949933:g:HjoAAOSwtGlZIYGv) Since, I am going to do imaging with my DSLR I got myself a 2" light pollution filter from Skywatcher(OVL). (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction/light-pollution-filter.html) For the light pollution filter I was very much confused if I should get a Explore scientific 2" UHC or the Skywatcher LPR. Mainly I would be using it for imaging. Cost being one factor, usefulness being another. There are still some things which I want to buy. This would be for planetary imaging but don't know much yet. Barlow 2x,3x or 5x ? Which one ? For planetary images webcam or DSLR or any other option. Thanks again for the help. I cant say in word how valuable all the information in here has been.
  14. Thanks Louis for your reply! That is quite a good way to get the focusing distance. I will try that.
  15. Hi Robin, Thanks a lot for giving that link. I am thinking of getting the 50mm one. One question though, Is there some maths I can use to get the required length for the eyepiece to attain focus ? Thanks again!
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