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  1. Hello Olly, Thank you. ? I live in the Loiret (45). I am 5km of Pithiviers and 40km from Orleans, 90km from Paris. My G4-16000 is optimized for my Televue NP101is for large fields. Now, i optimize it for my ASA Newtonian. Florent
  2. This is one only 5min. of sub exposure processed. Can you confirm that is the M87 jet ? Florent
  3. Very nice details in the galaxies. The processing is soft and good. Florent
  4. Thank you all ? I hope to continue this image and to take short exposure to see if i can show the M87 jet. Of course i keep you posted about it. Thanks. Florent
  5. Thank you so much. Optimized this instrument with a huge CCD chip is very hard, but after a lot of effort the results arrive. I wait a clear sky to continue this image and to take the RGB frames. About the CCD Acquisition information, i created it with MS Word. Here in France, several amateurs has created similar things but not clear to me. I created mine with the essential information. Thanks once again. Florent ?
  6. Hi guys, This is the first lights of my ASA 12"N f/3.62 (purchased in 2007) with my Moravian G4-16000 CCD camera using one KAF-16803 chip of 36mm x 36mm (4K x 4K). The adjustments, collimation, ASA OK3-Z pression screws, asked a lot of attention. For a precise collimation, i use the CATSEYE XL & XLKP kit. This is the first 3hrs of exposures taken the last weekend in one night. The second night was too windy unfortunately. Full Resolution image in 4K x 4K here : http://www.poigetdigitalpics.com/Fichiers_Divers/integration_NGC4438_DBE_3HDR_CompositeAplatie2_Spikes2-Modifier-Modifier-Modifier.jpg Full Resolution Annotated image here : http://www.poigetdigitalpics.com/Fichiers_Divers/NGC4438_new_image_Annotated.jpg All the information below : Enjoy ! Florent ?
  7. Thank you all and thank you for your offers. ? You can see my first posts on the forum here : https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/328167-my-first-saturn-jupiter/ https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/328209-m13-and-its-galactic-area-with-the-g4-16000/ https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/328153-sh2-171-ngc-7822-with-g4-16000/ Florent
  8. Thank you Richard. Oh yes, my picture of King of Wings. I used my Nikon D750 Full Frame with my Samyang 12mm f/2.8 fish-eye AE FF lens. ? Florent
  9. Thanks Paul. About the diffraction, maybe the optics of the TeleVue or maybe the CCD chip of the G4-16000. I had these diffraction on the fits images. Florent
  10. Thanks Scott. A lot of work to achieve these results. ?
  11. Thank you. I hope the weather will be better, i would like to take new pictures with my G4-16000 and to continue my tests with my ASA Newtonian reflector and this camera.
  12. Thank you Guys for all your welcome ?
  13. Hi Guys, I present you the second image taken with my Moravian G4-16000 camera mounted on my modified TeleVue NP101is. Images and technical information below. M13 globular cluster and its galactic area : Full Resolution image 4k x 4k here : www.poigetdigitalpics.com/G4-16000/M13.htm Full Resolution image here : http://www.poigetdigitalpics.com/Fichiers_Divers/M13new_image_Annotated.jpg Enjoy ? Florent
  14. Great image ! The second has a very good colors but the first has more details. But the both are well defined. Your RC works fine ? Florent
  15. Thank you Pieter. Oh yes, the new imaging train is solid as a rock to support the big G4-16000 and the FLI ATLAS focuser. The TeleVue NP101is works perfectly now. ?
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