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Walking on the Moon

2553: a piece breaking off??


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Well, we're back to poor seeing, disruptive winds and  thick cloud sometimes parting to reveal thin cloud... I wasn't going to bother with the 3X barlow, given the conditions, but over a few minutes it seemed part of the penumbra of the big spot 2553 was breaking away so I tried a few sets. Here's the first image of an animation I'll hopefully have recorded over the next half hour or so. Clouds rolled in again so not looking good. What a way to run a country...:clouds1:


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great shot Iain, yer mate the clouds a real pain in the neck, think tomorrow going to be the same. weve seen the best of our spot, shame we didnt have more clearer days to image it. hope the weather improves for us all.charl. 

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Keep up the good work Iain ( not much studying getting done there ) :rolleyes2:

Forecast clear here later so may have a go but not before skies clear, too stressful yesterday dodging showers.


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10 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

( not much studying getting done there ) :rolleyes2:

Ha, you are so right! A 2000 word essay due at midday tomorrow and only 450 words done. Shameful. Well, I can work on it when the sun goes down . 

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