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  1. Looking through my mates tasco refractor at Jupiter and comet hale bopp. Also amazing meteor shower around this time. Got my own orion optics 6" reflector on eq mount soon after which I sold for £50. Gave up for 10 years then bought a vivitar 50mm refractor on the worlds worst mount. Should have known better! Went on holiday to Thailand and the sky there sparked my interest again. Ordered a skywatcher 90mm evostar which I still have and a 200p dob soon after.
  2. My 8mm is the same. All other 2" fit in easily. It will go in with brut force but way too tight.
  3. Thanks!! What app did you use, really detailed.
  4. Anyone know what this string of craters are called? Been looking at maps but cant find them.
  5. Your lucky u live in the UK with all the clouds most of the time;-)
  6. Hi muttley. Are all the caps off your telescope, have you aligned your finder scope, have you tried focusing-sometimes the focus lock nut is tight and stops the focuser from moving. Good luck!
  7. Mostly clear in coventry. First time viewing sun through telescope. Should have practised a bit first but got some shots.
  8. Hi night hawk, have a look at setting circles for your dob. Makes finding faint objects quick and easy.
  9. Hi oldnut, January's issue of sky at night magazine has plans for a round obsy and step by step guide.
  10. They seemed to have swapped them for the cd that usually comes with each issue. Nice little surprise..
  11. Thanks astro imp and for the tips m.tweedy. So many people were using little cameras with the flash, getting nothing and moaning, so when they walked past I offered to put their memory cards in my camera so they would at least have something on record of the lights. They were the best shots I got .. Grrr..
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