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  1. Fantastic job! You must be very proud of your achievements to date!
  2. Excellent news! Let's hope Elan Valley can follow suit
  3. Your reviews always make good reading; carry on!
  4. Is there a chance you could do a temporary swap to check it out?
  5. Have a chat with the folks at AP for one of these: http://www.astro-physics.com/products/telescopes/140edf/140edf.htm There's a very long waiting list - by all accounts worth it, though! (Yes, I've started saving... )
  6. What would the power requirement be for such a venture? (Assuming the temp of the wall(s) will need to be raised above the dew point.)
  7. IMHO ventilation is better than underfloor heating as preventing damp is better than warming it up and allowing the rot to set in.
  8. EQMod, First time, every time... :)

  9. I bought the Lacerta with every intention of upgrading to something more substantial at some point. As an interim solution it's been just fine and I guess quite saleable once the Moonlite (or whatever) is plumped for.
  10. Just a thought, try the heat treatment but also consider sticking it into the fridge (or freezer) for a bit and try again...
  11. Like a cup-a-soup, just add time...

  12. Will third that - very nice (simple, inexpensive) upgrade.
  13. Not bad that a outfit making sheds puts an obsy on the books. Looks like they go off-plan so you could have your cake and eat it.
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