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M20, M17 and M16, still with the Hyperstar


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Hello, it's me again :)

I finished another batch of image processing, so here they are :

Gear : C14 with Hyperstar, modified 450D/XSi.

Processing : almost everything with PixInsight.

Settings for all three pictures : 30x30 seconds @ ISO 400, 30 darks, 100 offsets/bias, no flats, no guiding.


Trifid Nebula - M20


Omega Nebula - M17


Eagle Nebula - M16

Click the picture for larger versions :)

Thank you for checking this topic !

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30x30s... (15 mins total) @ ISO400... Unguided... Wow... Just wow!

When I was using a modded DSLR, I came to the conclusion that I needed to capture at least 8 hours of data to get a reasonable image, and now I have a CCD, I've upped that! A superb set of images to get out of just what would effectively be less than a single hour to capture... I'm guessing you're probably blessed with fairly dark skies in Tahiti?!

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Thank you everyone :)

@ Michael H F Wilkinson : hehe thank you ! Well, the mount I use is no slouch :) At 675mm focal length, it really can track well. At prime focus, it stays easily for 30 seconds without guiding ( or PEC ) and that's 3911 mm :D

@ Andy UK : thank you :) And yes we got really nice skies in here :) At the international airport, for instance, you can still see the Milky Way :D Bear in mind that the Moon was there in those shots and I didn't use any LP clip-in filters ;) I can't wait to try the Hyperstar around the new Moon and try at least 1 minute subs.

@ Cfpendock : I use BackyardEOS with come with a focusing module in Live View at x5 and a FWHM meter, plus the FeatherTouch microfocuser on the scope, it helps a lot :)

@ tilan_s : actually, the focal length isn't the same with the Hyperstar : only 675 mm instead of 3911 mm ;) So much easier to have a steady tracking and no flexures !

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