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  1. Very nice picture ! Well done both of you
  2. Very very nice Love the result Stuart !
  3. Wow, that's a great result you got there Congratulations !
  4. Thank you everyone I can't wait to try it without the Moon interfering And with the Atik 4000M CCD
  5. Thank you everyone @ Michael H F Wilkinson : hehe thank you ! Well, the mount I use is no slouch At 675mm focal length, it really can track well. At prime focus, it stays easily for 30 seconds without guiding ( or PEC ) and that's 3911 mm @ Andy UK : thank you And yes we got really nice skies in here At the international airport, for instance, you can still see the Milky Way Bear in mind that the Moon was there in those shots and I didn't use any LP clip-in filters I can't wait to try the Hyperstar around the new Moon and try at least 1 minute subs. @ Cfpendock : I use BackyardEOS with
  6. Hello, it's me again I finished another batch of image processing, so here they are : Gear : C14 with Hyperstar, modified 450D/XSi. Processing : almost everything with PixInsight. Settings for all three pictures : 30x30 seconds @ ISO 400, 30 darks, 100 offsets/bias, no flats, no guiding. Trifid Nebula - M20 Omega Nebula - M17 Eagle Nebula - M16 Click the picture for larger versions Thank you for checking this topic !
  7. Thank you everyone for the kind words
  8. Hello everyone, Last Sunday night, I did my first shots with the Hyperstar and the C14, using a Baader modified 450D/XSi camera. Those are just preliminary tries to see how much data could be collected in a certain amount of time. I hope to share better pictures with you in the future For Omega Centauri : 40x25 seconds @ 400 ISO, 30 darks, 100 offsets/bias, no flat. For M8 : 30x30 seconds @ 400 ISO, 30 darks, 100 offsets/bias, no flat. No guiding or filter either. Thank you for passing by
  9. Thank you everyone for the kind comments Hopefully, the season is just begining for me and there will be more in the following months !
  10. Great great image, especially for "only" a 250 ! Amazing result Stuart
  11. Hello everyone Here is a serie of picture taken last Monday with a Celestron C14, a Powermate x2.5 barlow and a Basler Ace 1300 mono camera. I hope you'll like them B&W base image, best of the serie A simple animation, back to back of 15 frames : Link And some work done by fellow amateur astronomers on my french forum Colorized LRGB by Ch. Perrier, mixing his color channels with my image as L layer An animation at 200% size by Valère Leroy : Link A polar projection with WinJupos by Jean-Jacques Poupeau : Link Comments and critics welcomed Clear Skies everyone !
  12. Not wanting to sound pedantic, but it's written on the lower side of the pictures
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