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  1. thanks for the advice, I am using an OAG, the prism is parallel to the short edge of the sensor, but well out of the light path (but could be reflecting off the base of the prism holder, so it would be off to the left of this image. I will try taking this out of the imaging train to see how that changes things. Could it be something on the edge of the secondary perhaps?
  2. Yes it was definitely useful as a little project, essentially I ended up with a mono cam with 70-80fps with RAW output for about £5. The de-bayering process wasn't perfect so the outer edge of the images had to be cropped a little but it worked. I have very recently upgraded to an Atik GP however which offers a greater bit depth and far more sensitivity so the modded PS3 doesn't see any light anymore
  3. I have just finished installing a new Moonlite CR2 on my 190MN, after some collimation issues I finally got it all squared up and everything looked great, the Airy disk was reasonable (there is a strange blemish that i can't explain at the top), the corners were in focus and no oblong stars which is a huge improvement over the stock focusser. However when I came to image some brighter stars i noticed a strange diffraction spike style effect on the brighter stars in only the bottom part of my images. see below with a 400% crop of one of them. Any thoughts on what causes this?
  4. Got a response from FLO, looks like the Moonlite order has landed so hopefully get it next week sometime
  5. I queried it with Flo but last response was 20th March, I don’t want to pester (emailed them twice this week, no response), not sure what the delay is tbh as it’s now 8 weeks even if it arrived today .
  6. Anyone else waiting on Moonlite products, I ordered a CR2 on the 10th Feb through FLO but still not arrived. Seems a long time Keith
  7. That's a lovely shot, nice round stars and the star colours are visible without being over saturated, also captured plenty of fainter stars too in the background.
  8. Damp and moulds a real pain and sneaks up on your kit. I keep my 190MN and EQ6 out in a roll off shed, the roof is sound and internally its dry but essentially well ventilated due to the gap in the base for the pier and the whole thing being raised off the ground on castors. So far the scope has faired very well, except for the odd spider that likes to get inside the "sealed" tube and make lots of fine webs. The main issue I encountered was on the EQ6 mount, the counterweights have signs of rust and every screw/bolt has suffered with rust, also all the connections show sign of rust. I have now replaced every one with A4 Stainless which should be good for many years now. All my usb connections and 12v power supplies are now fully sealed in outdoor rated enclosures wherever possible. Interestingly I have also thought about a little solar powered fan for the hotter summer days too to try and keep the temp down as I'm worried all the lubrication will leak out of the mount :O, its got to well over 40 deg C in the past.
  9. Hi Shibby, I have a MN190 and that exact OAG you linked to from FLO. I use mine with a Brightstar manual 4x2" filter wheel, Atik 383L+ and a QHY5L-II guide cam, I still have about 5-7mm spare back focus with this setup with the stock single speed Crayford (its an old mn190). Works a charm, however I do get a bit of sag with the stock focuser due to weight which causes focus shift across the image and not so perfect Flat correction,so im upgrading to a moonlite CR2. With this OAG you do need to make sure everything is nice and tight otherwise things will have too much play under load. HTH Keith
  10. Left the scope running over night on his one when we had that cold snap, managed 42x10min luminance subs, added to some old 2x2 binned RGB data. This is a crop of the centre of the image to show off the galaxy detail a bit better. Pleased with this, although I might try a re-process when I’m not so tired. Atik 383L+ mono, 190MN, LRGB Baader filters thanks for looking.
  11. I still think the PS3 Eye cam has potential, you can get RAW data from it and so get superior detail than the regular RGB bayer interpolated data, also you can get about 70-80fps iirc, I'm planning on using the one I de-bayered (see link below for thread on the method I used), for Lunar again soon as I get chance. If I had the time I could improve the capture software a bit but barely have time to do the imaging as it is :O. One thing I haven't tried it on is planetary which is more challenging. Can pick them up for £5 or so on ebay.
  12. Afternoon All, After what seems like too long I have finally managed to do a bit more serious Astro imaging and revisit the forum (been over 2 years IIRC), as it turns out having two children under 5 and UK skies is not a good mix for a hobby in astronomy, especially if you value sleep. Anyhow in those 2 years of downtime have taken the time to tear down the EQ6, overhaul the bearings, take out some backlash, re-grease with lithium grease, flush out the cobwebs from the roll off shed, clean out the MN190 (also infested with spiders worryingly), retake darks and bias files and overhaul the usb/power cables to the scope. Finally after all this and some minor teething issues I got a few clear nights between Nov 2017 and Jan 2018, so I decided to have a go at NGC1977 - The Running Man Nebula in Orion . 4 Hours of Luminance at with 300s subs 1 Hour each of R,G,B in 300s subs Atik383L+ mono (at -20) and MN190 Stacked in DSS and Post-Proc in PS Image reduced by 50% to fit to screen better Really happy being able to get back into this again Keith
  13. my word that is good, absolutely nailed it well worth the exposure time (shakes fist at UK cloud cover)
  14. mine are 2" and have halos, i will post up some cropped subs if I get chance later
  15. Same problem here with my Baader's, only on the brightest stars and only on OIII, I can generally process out the halo somewhat in PS on the one or two stars its noticeable on. Im using Atik 383L+ through MN190
  16. Incredible subtle detail inside that bubble, this is the best I have seen. Keith
  17. Hopefully this works as an animation, I have had to cut down the resolution (full size is 2325x2112) to keep the file size under control (its still 7MB) and make it fit on the screen better, didn't want to lose too much detail though as there is loads of detail in the full size frames. Taken with 450D through MN190 using various exposures to get the levels right Thanks for looking After posting I have noticed you need to click the image to see the animation Keith
  18. Would you beleive it it, they are no longer on anymore (maybe someone else beat me to it or they just recieved thier first elec bill), the bowling green has now replaced them for the worst light polluters but they switch off once the beer stops flowing in the pub. Just need the clouds to naff off now and the winds to die down before the short summer nights start, I'm so hard to please lol
  19. My rural skies used to be excellent, I moved in about a year ago and I got one whole year of pitch black clear skies, then just this year the Church 100m down the road decided they wanted to illuminate the whole buiding (yes even the spire) from the ground with spot lights, the Church now looks lovely all night and can be seen from miles around, but there is now a horrible glow in the sky directly above my house , most dissapointed. The original link doesnt appear to have any info for the NW England, I'm guessing that means our light pollution has increased lol.
  20. Foggy up here on the Fylde Coast, Straight up I can see stars but down on the Northern horizon its a pea souper....grumble. Nevermind its "bound" to be clear on Fri for the other event of note this week.........
  21. Great result, really adds depth to the image , love to know how its done Keith
  22. And here it is with the 5x barlow, stack of about 200, I used PIPP to select the best 300 frames, I'm not sure the extra magnification added any detail, but it is nice to see the valley a bit closer Keith
  23. No not used PIPP before, sounds like its another tool I need to add to my collection though, I will check it out tonight if i get chance. I did do another capture later on in the night using my 5x barlow, never had much luck with this as the seeing has to be spot on, however I will process this up later and pop it on here. If anyone is interested I could pop the AVI onto dropbox if people want to have a play - PIPP will come in handy here in reducing the size Keith
  24. I seem to recall that the pixel size is 6umx6um. For processing I dumped my raw avi into registax 5, selected a nice steady frame as the reference and aligned using the default settings (selecting Aristarchus as the alignment feature). I then If i remember correctly set the limit to about 95% and used the default optimize and stack. Then wavelets to try and get a nice balance between detail and noise etc. Final processing was done in PS with a crop around the edge to get rid of messy parts of the sensor edges, then noise reduction and further sharpening. I think its ever so slightly over processed as there are sharpening artefacts visible, bt this was my first pass so may revisit it if I get chance HTH Keith
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