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  1. The night of November 11th, I have done some shots on this nice nebula with my Nikon D610 unmodified on the TSA 120. I'm always surprised about the result I get. There is 48 x 300s without guiding :
  2. Hi everyone, During the night of October 18th I have done some shot on this great nebula. It was the first time that I did it with my ccd Atik 414EX. I got the TSA 120 with the reducer. For this image, there is 10 x 180s for each sub in RGB + 10 x 10s :
  3. Hi everybody, Before yesterday I have done some shots in Ha-RGB on this nice nebulae. For this I used my refractor TSA 120 with the reducer and the 414 EX ccd. I have done 12 x 300s for each channel = 4 hours of exposure time without guiding :
  4. Hello every body, Yesterday I have done some shot on this target. There is 12 x 600s :
  5. It is very nice image. I have done the same target yesterday and I confirm that the seing was very good.
  6. Thanks a lot. I'm happy that you like this image.
  7. Hello everyone, Yesterday, the sky and the seing were very good and I have done some shots on this nice galaxy where we can see lot of Globular Clusters of this galaxy. For this image, I used my TSA 120 with the reducer & the Atik ccd 414EX on the 10µ mount. So, there is 50 x 180s in Luminance cooled at -20° and without guiding :
  8. It is very nice image with lot of details but the saturation is too high
  9. Hi every body, I come back after a short stop and I would like to share with you my best images from the beginning of this year. I didn't got nice weather from January except 2 nights in February 01st and the 2nd and the seing were magic so I have done some shot with my TSA 120. So, the first image (ngc 4088 & ngc 4085) has been taken with the TSA 120 & the Nikon D610. There is 55 x 300s at 1600 iso unguided. I suggest to you to watch the Full in 5000 pixels on the first image and to see 3 galaxies. The second image (M66 & M65) has been taken with the TSA 120 & the ccd Atik 414EX in Luminance. There is 18 x 600s unguided :
  10. It is nice result but your image is green and yellow ! It is easy to remove it with Photoshop.
  11. Wow, it is wonderful image and great processing. Franck
  12. It is very nice image but I prefer the first image. The last one, background is too dark and you erased most of details in the extensions ! Franck
  13. Wow, it is nice image and nice result. You have now 2 TEC 140 ?. It is good idea because you don't lose time and you can have shot with the Luminance with one refractor and doing the color in same time with the second refractor. I should do the same thing but I have no idea if my wife would be happy or angry I can't imagine 2 TSA 120 ?
  14. Hello everyone, So, I come back with a nice galaxy that we don't see often in the astronomy forums. This week-end, I was ready to do some shots on nebula and I installed already the reducer but when I was ready, It was too late to have a shots on my target so I decided to change and to do some shots on this galaxy that is interesting target concerning the polar ring. I was lasy to remove my reducer and to install again the flattener so I was afraid to get small target view but it is ok. Concerning the exposure time, I have done 15 x 600s + 18 x 300s in Luminance (without guiding) : I hope you will like it. Franck
  15. Thank you guys. I'm happy you like it. Yes David, I begining by the TSA 102 and after I used the TSA 120. Maybe the next would be the TOA 150 ? Franck
  16. Hi everyone, First, I'm sorry but it is long time ago that I didn't come on this forum because I was busy around my work. So today, I would like to share with you my Saturn collection from 2007 when I begining the Planetary Imaging to now. I hope you will like it. So, my setup used for these all Saturn images is ; refractor Takahashi TSA 120 + DMK21 + Powermate x4 :
  17. Wow, It is really wonderful John. Franck
  18. And my best planetary images in 2016 was that : Franck
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