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  1. Well done Dror! the second image looks much better, great details inside the GRS!
  2. Amazing details! I can't believe that you successfully captured the GRS moving, thanks for sharing.
  3. Very nice Jupiter and Mercury! The processing is outstanding, thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow! Incredible details probably the best venus I've ever seen.
  5. Great captures Dror! GRS in the edge looks great and some great details on Mars. I got the same artifact as you did, it's probably because of the high magnification that the powermate delivers, when I used a 3X barlow I didnt got any artifacts. Derotation should work but I dont think it would make a big difference.
  6. Many thanks everybody . I was wondering about this artifact... do you know how to fix it? I will probably buy an IR filter first and later the LRGB filters and filter wheel.
  7. Here is another try: 3X barlow: 5X Powermate: Close up on Callisto and Europa shadow:
  8. Hi all, Been a long time since I last captured any planet mainly because bad seeing and very high humidity, but the new ASI120MM arrived a couple of days ago , and the seeing was starting to get better as well! First time I captured jupiter with a dedicated planetary camera and I think I got some deecent details: 3X barlow: Jup_031024_g4_ap16.bmp 5X Powermate: Moon_040030_g4_ap26.bmp 3Jup_045953_pipp_g4_ap28m.bmp 8Jup_051745_pipp_g4_ap28m.bmp Jup_053835_pipp_g4_ap28mmm.bmp Close up on Callisto and Europa shadow: Jup_053023_g4_ap3.bmp Jup_053218_g4_ap8.bmp Jup_053533_g4_ap6.bmp Any tips or advi
  9. Hi all, I was in the desert with the Israeli Astronomical Association for about a week, we counted meteors and recorded their brightness and then reported to IMO. I took a lot of widefield images and made a timelapse video using Picasa. Single frames with meteors: https://www.dropbox....lkve/m3WJnAzhJJ Time-lapse video (recommended to watch in 1080p): Any advice for making better timelapse videos would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  10. I'm using ML as well, like it a lot. very nice details especially for a single shot!
  11. Very nice details! did you use video mode or captured in full resolution?
  12. Great image! was that a single shot or a stacked image?
  13. Nice capture! try to take more frames and stack them, it will give you better result.
  14. Actually this is a pretty nice mosaic considering the seeing you described! well done.
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