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  1. Thanks Dave . I will try out those settings. Nick
  2. Hi there, Well its been somtime ..infact just over 2years since i last posted a picture . I sadly sold my Morvian 2 years passed and have been without a camera untill now . I bought a ZWO 1600pro with filter wheel and 1.25 filters last week ( aplogise for the rain ) and this is the first outing with it on my Borg To make matters more intresting i also used a new PC for imaging which i thought had all the correct an up to-date software . But it wasnt untill I got SGP up and going and ready to take a shot it imforms me im using an outdated PHD2 !!!! SO not dithering for this image section . I started taking 2mins subs and then moved up to 5min subs in HA .I was unsure how much time i would get but some how dodged most of the clouds for 2.5 hours. This Picture is 50 mins of 2mins and 1hour 40mins of 5 mins . I took lots of different flats 18000 ,24000 and found 30000adu seems to work the best with Darks for this picture. (intrested to know others take on ADU for flats with the 1600) My stars arnt quite round towards the edges and i put this down to my back focus being 58mm which i hope to sort over the next week . I have stretched the image maybe a little too much for the data ,but over all im very happy with the first light of this camera and am very excited at the potential of this camera. Thanks for looking Nick
  3. The lower the better . Its all about narrowing the band of light so 7nm would be better.
  4. Thanks Olly , Its your doing ! i'm sure you have been told many times but its from your inspiring work that i love a little bit of widefield . I have seen many combos of different cameras and telescopes with higher PP and delivered great shots . That is what made me take a slight gamble with it . Im glad i did ,i love widefield !!! Nick
  5. Thanks John, Olly, Paul for your kind comments . Yes i have Paul but as you can see i have done i have mashed the picture toghter so dbe has done a good job . With my 1.25 filters and a fast sysem i get quite a dip in light at the edges so it does look like i need to nail the flats with the combo i have . Thanks Nick
  6. This is first light (over two night ) with my new Borg 77 with reducer making it a speedy f4.3 . I have had this scope over a week but the connections to the back end to camera is quite frankly mind boggining and not alot of info on the internet made it even more intresting . But ive got there and i will do a right up on how to connect a ccd too borg for reference for people in the future . This is my attempt at the veil both east and west . Which is one of the reasons why i bought the borg just so i can fit a nice bit of sky FoV 3.58 in one shot ,over doing mosaics in Uk's fickle skys ! 3.37 per Pixel Configured as HOO . 4hrs in HA 900's 4hrs in O111 600's No Flats bias or darks ...need to sort out Flats as it needs it .
  7. Top Notch once again ! the time you have spent on this has really paid off . I really like how well processed and delicate you have made the Nebular look. Nick
  8. Another awesome pic Rob ! You really do get the very best out of every scope you have .
  9. Hi Peter , Theses dots are where your camera is getting hot or (noise )which you can usually get rid of it with darks but as its a standalone picture i would use a Paintshop programme and use a clone tool to take them out. Nick
  10. Thanks for your comments guys ! Gnomus . Yes its a 5 position internal wheel . Flats seem to sort out any problems in the coeners . Still early days with this camera , not much time taking shots with it ! I will do a write up on the carea soon but would i would say moravian may not look pretty but they are well built . Defo seems a step up from up atik but then again it cost twice the amount ! I'm loving the new FOV its so much fun with HA . Long turn i would like to look at getting a faster scope . Whipdry . I completely agree with you the stars are all over the place and the colours are looking Grainy . Nobody told me learing to guide and taking longer shots is the easy bit ! I find the processing a much higher hill to climb . Thanks Nick
  11. Here is my first attempt at a hubble pallet of IC1396 One of many renditions , im still trying to bring out more colour but im fairly happy with it . Taken at the begining of this month where we had 3 clear nights ! The first two nights i was able to wake up every few hours to check everything was ok, but the wether was so good the last night i just got everything working and went to bed and put everything away at 6 in the morning 5hrs each of HA, O111,S in 10min shots + flats .Hardly any S in this, but what there is sets it of niceley and am glad i put the time in to capturing it . Taken with my new moravian g2 -8300 at -20 on my ed80 with reducer at f6.3 and 1.25 filtes all on my HEq5 guided with a finder guider. I would love critique on how i can improve ! Thanks for looking Nick
  12. Nice ,very clean hardly any artifact noice like you normally get from a dslr Thanks for sharing Nick
  13. Wow Tony thats a cracker ! Some great bits round the wall and pelican you dont see very often welldone . Nick
  14. Hi guys Heres my very quick test ,as having limited time from the thunder clouds rolling in last night. I thought i would give 2x2 binning ago ! With a ed80 with reducer and a atik314 . Giving me a very intresting 5.22 resolution to play with. MAD you say ! The main reason for rushing this was to just get somthing to play with ! To be honest i wish i just went with the unbinned ,the resolution is abit of pig to deal with and is hard to pull out much detail , let alone trying to beat the square stars . + the framing could of been better But im not trying to beat myself down over this picture im actually quite pleased with it . But there is one big lesson for me . There is no substitue for time. HA 8x5mins 2x2 0111 8x5mins 2x2 , HA / red 0111 /green /blue . No flats bias or darks Statcked in PI and played about with in PS Thanks for looking Please feel free to add your critique Nick
  15. A very good attempt with a Dslr . M33 is a tricky target and one ive still not come close to mastering. Dithering with a dslr really does help alot with the final stacked image . Nick
  16. Wow i would be very proud if i produced a picture like that . As a few people have said great star colour Nick
  17. I love the colour and detail you have brought out in M51. I too prefer the widerfield shot . Nick
  18. Great ! I hope to see some pics from you on the forum soon . Nick
  19. Hi Brym By the looks of things you have to much in your imaging train . It should be Camera T-ring straight to CC that should give you the 55mm from CC to camera Censor . CC shoulder --> T-ring 11mm ---> camera insides to sensor 44mm. The CC should slot in to the focuser and the T-ring will stop it going in any further you can then tighten with the black ring screws and rack out the focuser to get focus If T-ring does not attach to CC you may need a different T-ring (DSLR-M48 Ring Adapter) Hope that helps . I have just got a Quattro 8s myself there are great scopes . Nick
  20. I get the black line problem as well with my unmodded DSLR but can be easily over come with Noels actions , Horizontal /Vertical Banding Noice reduction. If you have Photoshop. Also Startools does the same thing very well Nick
  21. Im not overly happy with the Quattro 8s Stock Focuser (Slop) and am looking at upgrading to the either Feather Touch or Moonlight. Prob more towards the Feather touch as ive read such good things about them. Does anyone know if i can attach a SW focuser Motor to the either or would i have to go down another route ? Thx Nick
  22. Wow what a cracker you have captured that very well ! Nick
  23. Got the CC m48 uncovered now Nick
  24. Ohh thx wxsatuser, Do you have any picures showing me what bit to remove . Everything seems pretty sold on the CC and i dont want to break anything . Nick
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