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  1. FranckiM06

    Saturn between 2009 & 2018

    Thank you guys. I'm happy you like it. Yes David, I begining by the TSA 102 and after I used the TSA 120. Maybe the next would be the TOA 150 Franck
  2. FranckiM06

    Saturn between 2009 & 2018

    Hi everyone, First, I'm sorry but it is long time ago that I didn't come on this forum because I was busy around my work. So today, I would like to share with you my Saturn collection from 2007 when I begining the Planetary Imaging to now. I hope you will like it. So, my setup used for these all Saturn images is ; refractor Takahashi TSA 120 + DMK21 + Powermate x4 :
  3. FranckiM06

    Southern Galaxies

    Wow, It is really wonderful John. Franck
  4. And my best planetary images in 2016 was that : Franck
  5. Hi all, So for sure, I will use my refractor Takahashi because I have always very good result on planetary Imaging. Mars 2016 were very nice and I hope to get wonderful images in 2018 even if I know it will be low latitude :
  6. FranckiM06

    my Planetary Nebula collection

    Thank you guy's, and I'm happy to see that you like it. Franck
  7. Hello every one, I have make this panel of my planetary nebula collection from 2010 to 2017. All images has been taken with my refractor Takahashi : Franck
  8. FranckiM06

    Driven Mount for a 120mm Refractor

    Hi Al, I also have the TSA 120 and my mount is the 10Micron GM1000 HPS. It is wonderful mount and I do not any guiding. https://www.astrobin.com/145022/?image_list_page=9&nc=&nce Franck
  9. FranckiM06

    beautiful NGC 253

    Thanks. Happy to see you like it.
  10. FranckiM06

    IC 1805 to VDB15, 9 panel mosaic

    Wow, really wonderful this panel. Congratulations for this great work Franck
  11. FranckiM06


    It is very nice image and great result. It is advantage when we can have a shots to nice area and dark sky like Olly home.
  12. FranckiM06

    Rosette, the annual datafest!

    Hi Olly, It is wonderful image one more time. Franck
  13. Wow, it is very nice image with nice colour. Franck
  14. FranckiM06


    Hi Gordon, It is nice result but the colour balance is strange and also when we have a look in the full, we can see lot of stars in miror ! It is like the colour sub are not aligned. I have done some processing just to have idea and show to you the strange miror on the stars. Everywhere you have the same thing : http://www.casimages.com/img.php?i=18010406020016139615435874.jpg Franck

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