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  1. Hi Im selling my ZWO ASI 1600mm pro with 5 postion electronic filter wheel and a set of 4 ZWO 1.25 filters (LRGB) and HA 7nm. + a bonus Flo tilt Adjuster thrown in . All Cables and connections which come with the camera a filter wheel ,some connections have not even been used . A few scuff marks on the filter wheel where i had a fight with a welded connection piece , but is in tip top working order. Selling for £1100 with delivery . Paypal, Buyer pays fees Delivery to England ,Wales and Scotland only Please message me if you are intersted or have any questions Thanks for looking Nick
  2. Reluctant Sale my Borg scope with super f4 reducer , great for wide field photon hover . I bought this from FLO 3 years ago i think, and have had only a few outings with it . The scope comes with a great heli focuser which i have hung well over 1.5 kilos of camera off it and has not moved a mm and still will move with ease when you want it too . The f4 reducer comes with a 2inch filter pull out and rotator on the back . Sitting on a ADM vixen style dovetail with one or two scuff marks before i got a clamp for my mount . Also comes with Borg part 7920 which you will need for m48 connections for the camera ,and Borg5005 for cannon DSLR camers . 2 silver rings are for getting the correct distance away from the back of the reducer for each of these connections . Now sold Paypal ,buyer payes fees only shipping to england wales and scotland Please message me if you are intrested or have any other questions. Thanks for looking Nick
  3. Thanks Dave . I will try out those settings. Nick
  4. Hi there, Well its been somtime ..infact just over 2years since i last posted a picture . I sadly sold my Morvian 2 years passed and have been without a camera untill now . I bought a ZWO 1600pro with filter wheel and 1.25 filters last week ( aplogise for the rain ) and this is the first outing with it on my Borg To make matters more intresting i also used a new PC for imaging which i thought had all the correct an up to-date software . But it wasnt untill I got SGP up and going and ready to take a shot it imforms me im using an outdated PHD2 !!!! SO not dithering for this image section . I started taking 2mins subs and then moved up to 5min subs in HA .I was unsure how much time i would get but some how dodged most of the clouds for 2.5 hours. This Picture is 50 mins of 2mins and 1hour 40mins of 5 mins . I took lots of different flats 18000 ,24000 and found 30000adu seems to work the best with Darks for this picture. (intrested to know others take on ADU for flats with the 1600) My stars arnt quite round towards the edges and i put this down to my back focus being 58mm which i hope to sort over the next week . I have stretched the image maybe a little too much for the data ,but over all im very happy with the first light of this camera and am very excited at the potential of this camera. Thanks for looking Nick
  5. The lower the better . Its all about narrowing the band of light so 7nm would be better.
  6. I'm selling my Moravian G2-8300 Mono CCD with integrated 5 position filter wheel and loaded with Badder 1.25 HA7nm,O111,S11 filters I have had the camera 8 months and has worked faultless when i have used it which has only been twice since i have bought it . The Camera comes with power supply 5m usb cable ,case and usb stick with drivers pre loaded . 2 different lengths m48 connections and 1 M42 connection. + Cannon Eos lens connection All clean and practically brand new. Reason for selling is due to change in my lifestyle and in the process of setting up my own business . If you require any other pictures please just message me i will endeavor to sort them out for you. SOLD Please message me if interested or have any questions. Payment by PayPal please (buyer pays Fees). Thanks for looking . Nick
  7. Final price reductions ! £45 for the geo adapter , £115 for the ccdT67
  8. Thanks Olly , Its your doing ! i'm sure you have been told many times but its from your inspiring work that i love a little bit of widefield . I have seen many combos of different cameras and telescopes with higher PP and delivered great shots . That is what made me take a slight gamble with it . Im glad i did ,i love widefield !!! Nick
  9. Thanks John, Olly, Paul for your kind comments . Yes i have Paul but as you can see i have done i have mashed the picture toghter so dbe has done a good job . With my 1.25 filters and a fast sysem i get quite a dip in light at the edges so it does look like i need to nail the flats with the combo i have . Thanks Nick
  10. This is first light (over two night ) with my new Borg 77 with reducer making it a speedy f4.3 . I have had this scope over a week but the connections to the back end to camera is quite frankly mind boggining and not alot of info on the internet made it even more intresting . But ive got there and i will do a right up on how to connect a ccd too borg for reference for people in the future . This is my attempt at the veil both east and west . Which is one of the reasons why i bought the borg just so i can fit a nice bit of sky FoV 3.58 in one shot ,over doing mosaics in Uk's fickle skys ! 3.37 per Pixel Configured as HOO . 4hrs in HA 900's 4hrs in O111 600's No Flats bias or darks ...need to sort out Flats as it needs it .
  11. Top Notch once again ! the time you have spent on this has really paid off . I really like how well processed and delicate you have made the Nebular look. Nick
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