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Lunar 100 list by Chuck Wood

Rhys Hardwick

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Hi all,

As requested, I have recently been in touch with Chuck Wood, and he has given me permission to reproduce this list. It is the lunar 100 list of lunar objects as first published in Sky and Telescope. This is meant as a learning tool, with 'best picks' of different types of lunar objects. I suggest following the link for a good overview.

I have provided the list in several formats - pdf and excell. There is also an Astroplanner file available via 'User Contributed Plans'. Each includes the object, size (km), longitude and latitude, best day to view, chart corresponding to Antonio Rukl's Field Atlas of the Moon (Also The Moon, Mars and Venus) and Lunar Field Atlas chart. The first pdf does not include notes, so is a little easier to print.

If you would like alternative formats, or pdfs ordered in a different way, please let me know.


Lunar 100 Object List.pdf

Lunar 100 object list and notes.pdf

Lunar 100.xls

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Your welcome. I find it really helpful with it on the laptop, with virtual moon atlas and the moon wiki as guides, and record things as you go. I'm still waiting to see along the terminator after half moon, the weather hasn't been playing ball recently!

Glad you are enjoying it :)

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No problems. There are a couple of mistakes I have noticed with best days not being quite perfect (originally taken from virtual moon atlas.) I will collect them, and post a next version in time. If you do notice any errors, please let me know so I can update the files.

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