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  1. Are you sure, I've looked at each page and can't see the ad you refer to?
  2. What there's an Ursa Minor? In my skies I struggle to see Hercules main square stars and I only see polaris in UrMi
  3. Hi I was going to get this Finder Scope as a Birthday present but could find one in-stock for sale. Where did you get yours from? The one provider I could find didn't reply to either my mobile call to call me back nor my email to them. Didn't inspire confidence.
  4. Yes, I too couldn't not go out after 2 weeks of rain and cloud. Was out in SW London garden at about 10:45 for about 45mins. I didn't think the seeing was great Moonshine aside. Mars was not clear for me just a red/blue blob. Even Saturn didn't seem so clear albeit right beside the moons glare. I turned my attention to some U Maj Doubles (commented in another Section) and found this disappointing in that I failed to split a couple that I think? are not meant to be difficult? It was a lovely calm, warm evening though and pleasant being out despite my seeing. Any people down my way care to express how they found the seeing last night?
  5. So although new to all this I've been keen to try Doubles as my LP SW London skies makes DSO's very difficult even under good conditions. Last night was clear for the first time in about 2 weeks but as luck would have it I also had a lovely very bright Moon but am I right in thinking that this and LP doesn't make much difference to double star viewing? I had a look at Dubhe as its indicated as a Double in my PSA booklet but whilst I can't get a sharp star i.e. implying its a double even with my 300p & 2.x barlowed 12mm EP (5.3mm) I couldn't make a clear split? Then, I tried 57 UMA and again with that Mag it was defused not clear? I think it looked a little better just with my 12mm but not sure if it was my ego telling me this or my eyes? Can anyone with experienced in this or even better Nick comment on my failed efforts? Thanks
  6. I'll use this Topic to vent my dismay at the current run of zero scope time! The weekend in SQW London looks rubbish. I've a bunch of Double stars I want to look at, mapped and tagged and can't. I was even planning a Dark sky outing one early morning but can't do that. Vent over.
  7. For what its worth I went from BINS to a 12" 300P Dob, so as a complete beginner I can say you'll have no problem handling or using it, being already scope-aware.
  8. Ah can't wait for some clear skies as I have my Charts all marked with a number of Doubles in Hercules. Typical, the moment I started to plan this last week zero clear skies. Also, as my views are S & SW I don't get to see this area of sky until early morning at about 2-3am.
  9. I took my Dob out I think the 2nd or 3rd time having already used it successfully only to find that I couldn't focus ANYTHING no matter what EP? After about 15mins it dawns on me that may be, just maybe I hadn't quite extended it fully relief Doh! Its only a Flextube after all.
  10. No need as I term my 300p Dob, as a piece of Art so its kept indoors and uncovered
  11. Would that work on my DOB? Also, do you get more dewing the more vertical you point the scope?
  12. Thanks the reason I was using it was to make sure I was looking at the correct stars to guide me to M65/66 and I couldn't split it but I could tell it was a Double by the way it looked i.e. all the other stars in the area were pin sharp, were this one looked 'defused'. But, I didn't have my EP down to 5.3 via the Barlow, so I'll try this next time.
  13. I'm amazed at all the Smarties on here (Do they still make them?)
  14. Surely the scales are incorrect? Love it!
  15. I don't really watch TV other than series that I download so the whole Cox phenomenon has passed me by other than knowing what he looks like but I used to catch The Sky At Night even in my yute and it was Mr Moore that captivated me. I couldn't understand 99% of the subjects it but I was captivated by it right from the opening music and images. I don't really like the new format or the few I've seen.
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