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  1. Hoping to make a few more meets this year, didn't make one last season! Thanks for organising this Pat
  2. I'm certainly up for it, it would be my only meet this year! Hope the weather plays ball!
  3. Thanks Mike, That's a real shame, still waiting for my first trip up there this year.
  4. I haven't heard anything at all, including in the magazines. Would have thought they would have covered it
  5. Good idea dai, don't forget the copyright! Does anyone else here go to the cas meetings? I'm headed to the talk tonight
  6. My mistake, it's actually this Thursday at 1900. That same night, there is a Cardiff Astronomical Society talk - "Update on the Big Bang and UK Mon Camera Network" - not sure whether I'll watch the hangout, or go to the meet and catch up on the hangout on youtube. Why do these things always clash? At least the weather can't interfere here!
  7. Just finished week 3 of the course, really very interesting. There is a google hangout with the tutors this friday
  8. Welcome Sandra and Peter, hope to meet you soon in Blaenavon.
  9. Cheers Mike. Let's keep those fingers crossed - and nobody buy anything!
  10. I'm going to have to miss it too as I am now going out for a meal anticipating cloud :(
  11. Thanks Freff! I'm hoping tonight is on, as most of my time with the new scope has been spent modding, and not observing! Last night bbc weather was predicting rain...
  12. I tend to do lunar observations, doubles and variables with a bit of planetary during moonlit nights - still not perfect as some variables become very hard to see. Not qutie the same a faint fuzzy hunting though. I did get the scope out that night, but put it back away again, I was tired, there was haze. Sometimes your just not in the mood ?
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