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  1. I have been observing the comet for the last few days, whenever the weather allowed. Last night was the first night I took the larger SW200P out. Lovejoy showed as a lovely fuzzy ball in the low-powered eyepieces, with the nuleus quite visible at 40X. However the 32mm eyepiece was a disappointment, it misted up way too fast to be of any use.
  2. Hi John, Thanks this definitely helps. I'm eager to try my new SW 200P on Saturn, can't wait for it to rise higher in the sky before midnight.
  3. Very nice shots! Just like what I saw last night. I must have come out at a later time as I can't make out the Syrtis bit at all.
  4. Good seeing last night. At the beginning it's not great but slowly became better. In the previous sessions I have difficulty seeing the small polar cap, but last night it showed up as a very distinctive feature. Getting myself sit-down comfortably also helped I guess. With a 6mm eyepiece on Skywatcher 200P on EQ5, I clearly saw the gap between Meridiani and Margaritifer Sinus, and the slender Sinus Sabaeus. These bits seem to be darker than the Niliacus Lacus and Mare Acidalium, which appeared together as a blob. The north polar cap appeared as a small and whitist dot, slightly to the leading
  5. Great! I was just thinking about a bit lunar excursion with my 200P and this looks like a fantastic starting point.Thanks a lot!
  6. Nice photos! Cloudy here last night but will try to have a go tonight.
  7. Mars was impressive last night. Lucky the dual axis motor drive I ordered on Monday arrived just in time for the show! Transparency was good but seeing pretty bad, I could see air pockets wobbling across the moon. At 250X, markings on Mars can be seen clearly, a 80A (blue) helped to bring up the contrast a bit, but I can't make out the polar cap, which was quite obvious a month ago.
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for the suggestions. Alien13, that looks exactly like what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot. In the meantime, I do have the skywatcher short dove tail bar which comes along with the EQ5 mount. I might duck-tape it to the ETX90 for a real quick fix:D.
  9. Hi All, I have a Meade ETX90. It's a nice little scope which I always enjoyed, but I got it with only the tabletop tripod, so it can be very awkward to use sometimes. I recently got a Skywatcher Explorer 200P. and now was wondering whether there is some way to attach the OPA of ETX90 to the EQ-5. The OPA of ETX90 has this hole under it to attach it to any photo tripod. it is surely an overkill to put it on this mount, but just don't want to get another mount so soon:). Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Guys, Last year I got a set of Celestron eyepieces from the Science Museum. The set comes with an aluminum case, and includes eyepieces in this range: 32mm, 17mm, 13mm, 8mm, 6mm, and a 2X barlow and 6 filters. The eyepieces were labelled as plossl. I'm now using this set with my new skywatcher 200p. Can't really comment on them as, these are really the only ones I have ever used. The 32mm one feels weighty in hand and quite handy when starhopping but I almost never have a chance to use the 6mm one. Has anybody have any experience with these eyepieces and any comments?
  11. Saw it for the third time last night. It took me quite some time to locate it until I realised I was looking through the branches of dear neighbhor's tree! It was much brighter than the last time I saw it which was exactly a week ago? Anyway I put it at around 10.6, almost as bright as one of the "pointer" stars I used to locate it.
  12. Wow, another one? Pity if it's 15.7 it's definitely out of the reach of my 200p. Good luck to you guys!
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