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  1. So, got a Manfrotto 055xprob tripod and ballhead 2nd hand for £100 both in mint condition ? Tried the tripod out with my dslr to take a few moon shots which turned out well. Just need the Star Adventurer package now ? and that one is still for sale in the classifieds... so tempted but that would mean no money for the wife's xmas pressie ??
  2. Thank you all for your helpful ideas and advice. I think I will buy the tripod now and hope santa brings a Skywatcher SA ??
  3. Looks good, does the non-pro version of the 055 hold less kg do you know?
  4. Forgive my numpty questions but do I need a geared tripod for this type of photography? Will the star adventurer connect directly to the x55 or 475 without any additional adapters?
  5. Gosh, they're not cheap! I could go second hand though looks like you can pick one up for around £80
  6. Awesome, thanks for the replies. The astronomy bundle looks good. It will partly be a xmas present so regrettably the one in the classifieds has come a bit too early for me? Any recommendations for a good tripod?. I've got a manfrotto monopod for my bins with small pop out legs but this will not be stable enough (the pop out legs are thin and spindly)
  7. So knowledgeable persons of SGL what in your opinions is a good portable mount (+tripod if required) for use solely with a Canon DSLR. I have a Dob and want to do some 'easy' imaging before i fork out a mortgage on some 'proper' imaging kit. I see the Skywatcher Star Adventurer looks ok. What other bits and bobs would I need with this? Presumably a tripod and a ball joint thingy? I want to be able to chuck it in the car and pop down the road to a nice dark site close by so it needs to be portable and fairly quick to set up. Thanks for your words of wisdom. As always much appreciated ?
  8. WOW ! You should sell them, I'm sure there would be plenty of interest.
  9. Those sketches are really good, especially as they are your first. I keep meaning to give sketching a go but need to sort out a more comfortable setup first. Please post anymore you do I love looking at sketches.
  10. I was observing a few objects in Canes Venatici with help from the 'Turn Left at Orion' book and noticed that the description of 2 CVn appears to be wrong (or I am colourblind). The book on pg 113 states that 2 CVn (blue) has a yellow 9th mag companion 11" to the E. I think this is the wrong way round and the 9th mag companion is blue and 2 CVn is yellow.
  11. So, I bought the DVD from Amazon and I watched it yesterday. I really enjoyed it, quite moving and sad in parts would certainly recommend it, shame it wasn't a little longer. Apparently, the writer/director Alison Rose did another astronomy film about the Vatican Observatory - anyone seen this, can't seem to find a copy anywhere to buy though.
  12. I saw The Martian at the movies. I enjoyed it, but as i had already read the book I knew what was going to happen. I'd certainly recommend seeing it. Matt Damon is a great actor - I absolutely love the Bourne films.
  13. Anybody seen the film Star Men about four astronomers getting together for a road trip reunion? Looks good on the trailer Looks to only be available on DVD not Bluray.
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