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    10" Meade S/Cass, 10" f/4.2 Newtonian on Dobsonian mount, 120mm Skywatcher refractor. Coronado PST. Working meteor detector. 20 MHz Loop antenna Jupiter/Solar radio telescope, VLF and "sky dish" solar Radio Telescopes , vanishing garden ..... but understanding Wife!!
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  1. Shot from early hours! Difficult to tell if it's significantly brightened from the photo alone as the Comet was still quite low down nr the NE horizon at the time. (+/- 12 degrees). Had been out already for a couple of hours and starting to get serious dewing issues, so "bottled it" at just gone 1.30 am. Regards, Les
  2. Wyvern

    dog stops stargazing

    Our two GSP's (German Shorthaired Pointers) also have "fun" at my expense during observing sessions. Mum and Son (Sol and Indus with Indy on Left and Mum Sol on Right), are both jet black and were adept at sneaking into the obsy and curling up on the floor where I'd "discover" them by tripping over them! Oh how we laughed on the way to casualty!!!!!!!!. Luckily it didn't quite come to that and I've now learned to keep the obsy door shut for my own safety and sanity!........ still love 'em though! even when they now know to lurk just outside the door for when I finish the session! Les.
  3. Given the request for photo's at the start of this thread, here are a couple of my humble shots. Les.
  4. Wyvern

    The moon

    Hi Brian, Like the image, cracker! Don't bother about buying a book to find out what features you've captured and where they are on the Lunar surface, download the Virtual Moon Atlas, available from several sites, one linked below https://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualmoon/ Regards, Les
  5. Nice one Mark! So SID and Jupiter array set ups for the next projects with all this holiday time available? Les
  6. Here's a couple of very basic shots I've snatched over the past couple of days. Regards, Les
  7. Wyvern

    SOLARSPHERE Astronomical & Music Festival


    Highly enjoyable experience and thoroughly recommended. Have actively supported this event for the past couple of years and am gutted that due to health issues, I can't do so this year. Doesn't stop you going however so make a day or an extended long weekend of it. Major respect to Pete and Sarah Jane for all the effort they put into this annual event. Les
  8. Wyvern


    Thoroughly good read, almost a "non put downable" book. The other half managed to find me "The Illustrated Longitude" version by Dava Sobel and William J H Andrews. ISBN No - 1857027140. Lots of pretty informative piccys as a bonus. Get it, you won't regret it!...... and enjoy. Les
  9. Wyvern

    Comet 21/P

    Managed a couple of shots over the past few days, Latest image grabbed with Moon still up and cloud front starting to interfere, not good! Les
  10. Wyvern

    SOLD- HitecAstro USB EQDir cables

    Hi John, I'll take the other one then! If you'd pm me with bank details and I'll sort out payment via direct bank transfer. Many thanks, Les
  11. Hi Solarboy, Think you'll find the "select all passes" option at Heavens above site is on the top photo you supplied, fourth line down under visibility setting. You appear to have selected visible passes only on your settings. As for ISS passes across the solar and lunar discs, check out https://transit-finder.com/ Regards, Les
  12. Wyvern

    Canon 1100D or 100D for Astro imaging?

    Hi Will, Been imaging with the 1100d for some time and very happy with it. Wife treated herself to a 100d so I thought it rude not to try out the higher ISO rating...... just to make sure it worked you understand!!!!..... As already mentioned, 100d is lighter and the touchscreen back is useful for altering settings quickly. Two comparison photos are below. My image processing skills are fairly basic so images are only slightly tweaked from original RAW shots. Can't go very far wrong with either body so cost may be final choice. Les
  13. Wyvern

    All-in-one Hub (Power, USB & Dew controller)

    Cheers for the link. and now even slightly cheaper at £10.32 + delivery. What's not to like!! Regards, Les
  14. If it's of any interest or use to you, here's a compressed shot for a recent "early Perseid watch" from the tail end of July. Captured several satellites, not much else!!! Image is 30 second single shot, unguided at f2.8 with my Samyang 14mm coupled to the Canon 1100d. Image processed via Photoshop with what little "tweaking" ability I possess. Really don't know if it's a "good" or suspect Samyang I've got? That said, I'm more than happy with the results I'm getting and that's got to count for something. Regards, Les
  15. Proud daddy then?......... and testament to SharpCap's standing. Les

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