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  1. Quick grab of this S/N last night between the clouds. Thanks for the heads up. Les
  2. Just downloaded and installed. Does what it says on the tin! One less bit of kit to take to the obsy (red acetate). Downloaded from this site for anyone's interest. https://www.otelescope.com/files/file/19-backyardred-12/ Regards to all, Les
  3. My Geminid results for the five sessions over the shower maximum. From my results only, looks like they peaked 23.00 UT or earlier on the 13th Dec. Regards to all, Les
  4. Selection of screenshots from last nights session. Les.
  5. Hi Mireles, Bit of trolling on old constellation pictures points at two possibilities for your NE star in the IDA image. Either 89 Vir or 87 Vir Of the two, 89 Vir is slightly brighter at Mv 4.95 against 87 Vir at Mv 5.4 from Stellarium software. Regards, Les
  6. Geminid results so far, now 3 days worth of obs. Some "manic" activity in the last session by my standards and numbers significantly higher than the same period last year. Les.
  7. Past two days activity from the shower so far. Les.
  8. Nothing on the visual side from Mid Wales so far, but the GRAVES detector has been pinging away like a good 'un over the past two days. Results so far are below. Regards, Les
  9. Hi, A couple of Pluto shots from two years ago for reference, taken some 23hrs apart with Canon 1100d and 8" SkyWatcher reflector. Les.
  10. Quick grab from last night before some clouds rolled in. Regards Les
  11. Nova image, inspite of the bright Moon trying to ruin things for me! Image scale 76' x 50' arc Regards, Les
  12. Hi Brendan, As vlaiv notes, a bit off for the Hyades cluster. With a Field of View roughly 1 x 2 degrees, you'll only capture parts of it, so yes, a mosaic will be needed. For reference, the bright blue star in your shot is Rho Tau ( p ) and your field of view is roughly that of the stellarium screenshot No 1 below. Screenshot No 2 shows the whole of the "V" of the Hyades cluster. Regards, Les
  13. Latest S/N shot from 5th Nov. Regards, Les.
  14. Managed to catch the SN again Saturday (24th) between bright Moon and rolling clouds. Sky obliterated some 15 mins after the shot!! Regards, Les
  15. Hi all, A couple of radio observations of the Orionids this year, showing premax, maximum and a couple of days post max. Regards, Les
  16. Hi all, Only another quick snapshot before some high clouds came through last night. Sorry about the arrows JeremyS Regards to all Les
  17. Hi all, As Paul M noted, deffo a strong blue colour. Capture from last night. Reagrds, Les
  18. Just found this thread which may give you a DIY alternative. Regards, Les
  19. Hi, For interest, I run a 8" SkyWatcher reflector at f/5 and don't use a coma corrector at all. Never really felt it necessary though to be fair, the scope is mainly used for imaging and not visual use, so any "iffy" stars at the edges of the field of view can simply be cropped out as reqd in processing. Unless you are totally convinced you need a corrector, save your money. Regards, Les
  20. Hi Stu, Finances going through the ether at this mo. PM with address details inbound. Regards, Les
  21. Hi, I'm by no means an expert on telephoto's and how they should work, but what I will say is that when running my Canon 1100d and 100d models, is that star focus is always acheived before reaching the infinity mark on every lens I've used, and that's for both Canon brand and other manufacturers lenses in my kit. Kinda leaning towards "faulty" lens if you're still trying to get to focus at the infnity stop with 135mm and higher. Sorry, Les
  22. Yep, +1 for both Registax v6 and Autostakkert3 Les
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