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  1. Afternoon all My mount is around 3 years old and has just acquired a minor judder, I've narrowed it down to the DEC Axis worm and only when rotated anti-clockwise and almost non existent when the clutch is released. I cannot achieve subs any longer than 60 seconds and probably have to bin 1/3 and much worse when guiding, polar alignment is pretty much bang on. Easy fix or Astro Baby strip and regrease, any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance. Chris
  2. Hello and welcome from just up the road in Banbury. Regards Chris
  3. Hi all Has anyone used a Neximage 5 and a 9X50 Finder for auto guiding? Any feedback back on performance and set up would be appreciated. Already have one so looking at this as an option. Thanks Chris
  4. Completed week 3, really enjoying it.
  5. Enjoying it, week two far more interesting, remember it is free, Higgs Boson next...
  6. I have same scope and mount and also have the BSTs, 8mm & 18mm, (5mm warpped up for my birthday) both superb value and love them both !!
  7. The 18mm is my favourite in my SW150 ... very good value.
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