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  1. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/742206-astro-tech-paradigm-or-celestron-x-cel-12mm-which-is-better/ Post 16.
  2. Before proceeding with dismantling the EP (if that is your intention), see if you can get hold of a diagram of the lens assembly first, just in case things don't go to plan. I've had a quick search and can only find the 12mm in either Celestron or Meade. Either of the companies might be able to help you.
  3. Just to echo what others have said. if it seems too high a price, then just don't buy. I was disappointed to see it happening on here too, when short supply meant that prices started increasing for new kit. People were adding the increase to second hand kit also, knowing full well that they hadn't paid that much for it originally. Disappointing, but the way of the world at the moment.
  4. The only other thing I would add regarding EP acquisition is to go for the gaps first. People get a bit hung up on replacing the stock EPs before comparing them to anything else. The 8mm BST might be a good place to start if you are enjoying the views through the 10mm. A 5mm BST will be pushing it a bit, the skies just aren't steady enough (good on the moon though!).
  5. A good call, there will be other nights I am sure.
  6. Yep, we've only recorded deaths within a month from Covid. All those who take longer to die by slowly drowning in their own secretions don't count. Back to the OP. How well do you know your village community? Can you be confident that the people you invite will follow your guidelines? I carried on with our club in school last winter because the classes were in bubbles and didn't come in if they were at all unwell. I was with them all day, so an hour or so out side after school didn't really make much difference! We wiped everything down, kept our distance and wore masks back then too.
  7. Plenty of cloud here, but passing quickly with the strong wind. Hence, we stayed inside, lay on the bed and watched through the velux! 4 tidy ones, long burners with good tails. A handful of faint quick ones. And one head on supernova style, Not up there with the best meteor showers we've ever seen, but considering the weather, not a damp squib either.
  8. I suppose I nearly have a full set of the Meade plossls now, but the rest are very much not of the same brand! I too like the wider field of view, but my cherry picking has been done very much on price rather than performance. Thankfully I haven't been disappointed, but that's probably the joy of not having anything 'better' to compare them too.
  9. You are right John, 'work' probably wasn't the best word to use. My stock 10mm isn't really that bad. I'm happy to use it in school (with some other budget EPs) without feeling the children are getting a raw deal. Anyway, I am sure the OP will enjoy the 8mm BST at least!
  10. Comparing a budget EP with fewer elements to a high end EP with more isn't likely to work. But how about from the same firm? TV plossl v TV delos? I don't know if that is a good comparison, as I have no idea how many elements are in a delos. I'm sure the big boys with all the toys could do a sensible comparison,
  11. Missed this somehow! Fantastic contributor. Well done John
  12. Just to throw a spanner in the works! I wouldn't start off by replacing EPs you already have! Maybe I was lucky, but neither the 25mm or the 10mm was terrible with my 'scope, especially when compared to no EP at all! I'd suggest starting with the gaps and come back to the 25mm and 10mm when you are satisfied that the purchase is worth it. The 8mm BST and a 130mm 'scope is very good IMHO.
  13. I think the biggest question to ask is, what's your budget!? I've been very gradually moving to 82º EPs and I'm very happy with those that I have purchased for my 8" dob (so not terribly demanding!). However, this has been going on for some years, at Christmas times and birthday times, as my budget wouldn't stretch to anything else, or over a shorter time period!
  14. Aw, I was hoping this was going to be your second entry! Splitting the double with Steve's bionic eye!
  15. But surely the universe is flat, just like the earth?! Then there must be an edge!?
  16. I have an 8" F6 dob too and I am enjoying my gradual transition to 82º EPs. Maybe it is the 'gradual' transition that has made the difference? With several of the EPs I have other people have suggested that there are difficulties. I'm very fortunate not to have experienced them. I have the 7mm, but not the 16mm, because I already have a 14mm and that's lovely. The wider FOV does take a little getting used to and yes, you do have to move your head to get the full FOV. I hope you find a solution, or settle on a FOV that you are more comfortable with.
  17. I don't have a vast collection and only clean when absolutely necessary, so BWF has been a good investment as it does what it says on the bottle. Unless you are desperate, and planning on mixing it in large quantities with tonic, ice and lemon, then you should be fine.
  18. And then I forgot to ask! Don, do you notice any deleterious effects of any of the ingredients on the lens coatings? I use BWF too btw, sparingly.
  19. You need a good make-up remover, Don, not a lens cleaner!
  20. My etx90 is compact, I wouldn't call it small in what it enables me to see. It's the one that goes on holiday with me and is out in the garden when friends are over. We use two 70mm refractors in school which although not 'decent' are priceless. I'm not sure what 'small' refractor the child is using in the picture though, it looks enormous! And I'd struggle to the see representations through my 8", let alone the 70mm! No mention of Galileo or Newton (or Zucchi) and their phenomenal discoveries through small 'scopes, but the sentiment is good.
  21. Sorry, missed this! Happy birthday to you! Don't do Facebook, but will have a look at the website. I'm just down the road, but we have sessions in a school in Bridgend and would be interested in access to a darker location. I'm hoping to get them out to me when things ease a little!
  22. bingevader


    I agree with John, unless it was purchased very recently, then that does seem a lot for a second hand 200P!
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